Ricky Ponting at the dogs

Ricky Ponting is still playing international cricket. So a testimonial seems like an odd thing to do.

Instead here is a video of Ricky Ponting with Ben Affleck hair and his goatee.

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4 thoughts on “Ricky Ponting at the dogs

  1. abdul waris says:

    he is still head and shoulders above any other aussie batsman.
    (gee a shastriesque comment that)

  2. abdul waris says:

    i will always remember following of his innings;
    2003 wc final
    2005 ashes matchsaving
    2006 series vs sri lanka
    2011 wc 100 vs india

  3. is that Ricky’s friend in recovery,who is delivering the testimonials ??

  4. poopsie says:

    Cant believe he didnt keep that jailhouse pussy his entire career

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