Rahul “eyespin” Sharma

All legspinners are freaks.

Mushtaq Ahmed had hands of doom.

Shane Warne’s wrists were radioactive.

Anil Kumble could see into the future.

Imran Tahir had a magical alice band.

Tiger Bill O’Reilly was an actual tiger.

And Bryce is the human spreadsheet.

Legspinners aren’t normal.

Rahul Sharma is not normal.

He’s massive, maybe 8 foot 9, or taller.

He doesn’t spin it, but he still deceives, perhaps the hardest skill.

And he has a special legspinning bionic eye.

Some say it’s because he suffered bells’ palsy or something similar when he was a child.


The man is just another super human mutant legspinner.

Now this doesn’t mean that Rahul Sharma is going to be the best spinner in the world, or even India’s first choice spinner. But it does mean he has an advantage that no finger spinner could ever have.

The world has been calling out for a tall wrist spinner with a bionic eye for years now, and Rahul could be that man.

If he was in the X-Men, he would be called eye spin, and his super skill would mean that his straight ball would be undetectable to the normal human eye.

He’d kill you while you were still waiting to see whether he’d bowl a leggie or a wrong’un.

His eye would also be silver or gold, which, if I was his manager, I’d have already sorted.

The man is uncanny, this should not be hidden, it should be celebrated like we do for the rest of the legspin freaks.

Legspinners aren’t supposed to be like other people, and Sharma isn’t, he’s better.

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9 thoughts on “Rahul “eyespin” Sharma

  1. danny151 says:

    you haven’t mentioned shahid afridi in this article! :O

  2. Mykuhl says:

    Gotta watch out for the slow straight one. Also known as a “Vettori” they are very difficult to play.

  3. SMUDGEON says:

    …and Nathan Hauritz had that tiny face set below a wide-screen forehead. Unfortunately not distracting enough for opposition batsmen, who just decided to play him out while steadfastly watching the ball.

  4. I too have the power of legspin, but my specialty, unfortunately, is too much flight.

  5. damithts says:

    What about the wiry genius that was Upul Chandana ? …

  6. Of course no mention of Bhagwat Chandrashekhar who turned having a nearly fatal disease (polio) into a superpower (having a right hand that moved at the speed of light)… Like an actual superhero

    or of Abdul Qadir and the magic goatee that actually sent the balls across the pitch as he just moved his arms around.

    or Stuart MacGill who’s in fact a secret hulk-type character getting angrier with every ball that the batsman refuses to get out to, until he bursts into a baggy green rage in the middle of the pitch . Most batsmen got themselves out to prevent the rage.

    • Jrod says:

      Alok, I have a mental lock when it comes to Chandra, I’ve forgotten him in almost every legspin piece I’ve ever written. Perhaps his skill is making people forget about him, every time you play him it’s like a new time.

  7. Sheikh says:

    Hey JRod…. ditch boring India.
    Write about Pakistan bashing the pommies will ya.

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