Death of a Gentleman needs your cash

So you’ve seen the trailer, and now you want to know how to give us money so we can actually turn a teaser trailer into a feature film.

Well, maybe you don’t.  And if you don’t, at least show someone the trailer and help me out.

But if you want to help out with dollars, pounds, pesos or rupees, please give money to us at wefund.

If you like Test Cricket or me, it would be nice.

This is the trailer, in case you forgot.


5 thoughts on “Death of a Gentleman needs your cash

  1. Awesome, wish you the best, Jrod and Sampson!

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  3. Nick says:

    Is there any NZ player in it? If not, u just lost lots of money!

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  5. Sach says:

    Great stuff Jarrod, hope this will be awesome just as your blog has been over the years.

    Btw, the donate link isn’t working. I can’t visit the page and it eventually gives a timeout.

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