Congratulations Sachin on your 100th 100

Recently, like most of you, I’ve had all 99 of Sachin Tendulkar’s 99 international hundreds tattooed onto the inside of my eyelids.

It’s the ultimate mark of respect for Sachin, and only non believers would do less.

But every time I went to sleep, something bothered me.

One hundred seemed to be missing.

Sometime in 1998 I seem to remember Sachin making a hundred against New Zealand or Sri Lanka in Asia or the middle east or something.

It was about 107 off 144 balls on a pitch that was slower than you’d think, but Sachin had the requisite skill, patience and courage to get through it.

I seem to remember some exquisite drives, awesome work off his pads and he was particularly harsh on the spinners. Yeah, you remember it too, don’t you.

It wasn’t the best innings of his career, nor the worst, it was just a purely forgettable ODI knock that for some reason, was never put into the ICC database.

Things like that happened all the time, Ian Harvey’s 7 wicket haul against South Africa was never recorded either. There was a lot of meaningless cricket in the late 90s, unlike now, and things got missed.

The good news is, with this hundred rightfully recognised, it means that Sachin has made 100 international hundreds.

I knew you could do it, Sachin, or should I say, I knew you’d done it, Sachin.

What an achievement, imagine how old and good you need to be to do that, pretty good, very old.

Now Sachin doesn’t need to feel awkward from the moment he raises his bat at 50, web site designers don’t have to change the formatting of stats pages to have number of international hundreds on them and the rest of us can go back to not caring how many international hundreds batsmen have.

So, it’s all-good now, yeah.

Hail Sachin, the king of kings, the 100 of hundreds, the grand poohbah of the willow, you are statistically freaky in the best possible way.

But no need for too much celebrations, because you scored your 100th 100 ages ago, and it was grand, I’m sure, I just don’t really remember it.

Unlike this 107 in Asia, or the middle east, against Sri Lanka, or New Zealand, around 199, or so, which I remember very clearly.

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14 thoughts on “Congratulations Sachin on your 100th 100

  1. Roman says:

    Oh, thank you, thank you for reminding us that Sachin did get it, and we’d just forgotten. One of two things bothering me like a fly–the other one is this: is that a sports bra under the baggy-greeners’ shirts? What is it, why does it look like Australians are wearing a sports bra, and why are they wearing something that looks like they’re wearing a sports bra? To distract the opposition batsmen, make them edge to slip?

    • kirbyakasid says:

      I love that BeggyG’s joke about the sports bra from about 8 weeks ago is still being copied … he must be so proud.

      • Roman says:

        No, source of remark is a waitress at a Denny’s in Chicago, who caught a glimpse of the game on my laptop. She was being serious–she asked if it’s a cricket thing or something, that shirt. I had no explanation.

  2. jogesh99 says:

    He’s never going to get it. I’ve hexed him for the last 13 matches, 21 innings, 72 undie changes, 3041 crotch digs before he faces up, 74 nails chewed at 1st slip, and however else the world holds it breathe.

    What a moronic idea – adding 100s in Tests and ODIs. What a loser nation we remain, to glorify this insipid statistic.

    But since you wankers are waiting for it, let’s just hex all his future innings.
    if Bradman couldn’t get his 100, Tendulkar needn’t either.

  3. kirbyakasid says:

    Oh god, does this mean we’re going to get more of those ridiculous Bradman comparisons sooner than expected? I wish he’d just get the damn thing, let the hype go for a coupel of days and then everyone could shut the hell up.

    • jogesh99 says:

      the hype will never die down if he gets it – it will get so shrill I’ll want to get my melanin surgically extracted, get a lobotomy, and move to Hobart.

      • J Pins says:

        wouldn’t change the fact that you’re pathetic in your attempts to be different. you’ll never be white. give it up.

      • steve says:

        Are you casting aspersions on everyone from Hobart? Is this some snide but obscure insult to Ponting?

        What ever, methinks you are being racist … or whatever you call someone who hates people from small obscure cities at the end of the world. Townists? Smallcitiophobes?

  4. jogesh99 says:

    steve, you clevah fellah.

    hey, did you catch Julia Gillards interview by Shastri today – it was a cliche contest and she won hands down!

  5. Nick says:

    well i dont knw about all tht but b4 the first test started, i made a comment here that THE FLAT TRACK BULLY aka SEHWAG wont score many runs and i was dead right. Time for him to go bak to Indian pitches and score more 300 against Sl/Bangladesh/WI lol

  6. Nick says:

    and b4 ppl start writing lots of shit like HOW HE CAN CHANGE the game in no time and all tht crap let me tell u all tht he ave 25.46 in SAF, 27.80 in ENG and 20.00 in NZ LMAO!

  7. jogesh99 says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong Nick – Sydney is as flat as Kanpur and he did nothing.

  8. poopsie says:

    Sachin is such an underrated and undervalued cricketer. More time should be spent discussing him and his achievements. Thank you for trying to reverse the imbalance

  9. jogesh99 says:

    So concerned was Clarke that Sachin would surpass his effort that he perversely bowled a sneaky little ripper when least expected. And Saint Sachin din’t even hesitate a moment before walking off, though it was clearly a bump catch.

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