Test Cricket: the musicial

This isn’t an exclusive, but I’m making a film.

As some of you may have heard on ABC Grandstand, I’m making a film.

It’s about what is happening with Test Cricket at the moment, and it’s called (right now) Death of a Gentleman.

If you are interested in the film, we have a website here that we made about 5 minutes before going on air, that has almost no information on it, a pitch we wrote for investors and stupid photos of Sam and I.

We have some funding, enough to cover another month or so, but I’ll be back hat in hand to ask for money off you unless some mysterious benefactor with a lisp offers us some cash to complete the film.

The most disappointing thing about this is that at the end of it I may not be able to call myself a failed film maker anymore.


8 thoughts on “Test Cricket: the musicial

  1. smudgeon says:

    Congratulations. My contribution to the cause is that I promise to click one of your ads every time I visit your blog – two clicks, if your latest post mentions Ed Cowan or Balaji Rao.

    I also promise to tell all my friend about it. He’ll be rapt.

    BTW, your website link goes to the ABC interview. Can I have a continuity guy credit?

  2. poopsie says:

    Will you be wearing a toga in this one?

  3. jogesh99 says:

    just thought you’d like to know your cricinfo article links disappear faster than anyone elses…

    • Jrod says:

      Jogesh, I like the fact you’re timing them.

      • jogesh99 says:

        you’re one of the few guys i read on cricinfo, so when you vanish, i smell conspiracy – the bcci (by default), the arse-hole violators (hush, we dont talk about them), the paki fixers (we never stop talking about them), the udrs, …

  4. JGM says:


    or check out our stuff on YouTube. If you want songs, we may be able to write them for you.

  5. Mykuhl says:

    Try http://www.kickstarter.com It allows your fans to contribute to your project.

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