Cricket Australia get two from two

It’s been so long since I agreed with Cricket Australia that this feels weird.

But twice of recent times I’ve found myself agreeing with them.

It feels odd.

Like finding out your pedophile uncle has had himself chemically castrated, twice.

When Cricket Australia announced Pat Howard as the GM of team performance I thought it was a staggering non fuck up.

He wasn’t a good ol boy of Australian cricket, he wasn’t some guy who was picked because he’d been hanging around Australian cricket long enough and most importantly his role was one that needed to be filled by someone who actually knew what it was.

Howard was a top choice.

So knowing that the chairman of selectors was going to be picked I was expecting something truly horrible.

I was expecting Neil Harvey to be rolled out and for him to immediately recall Sam Loxton. Or Greg Chappell being rehired and given a magic wand.

Instead the first ever full time chairman of selectors is John Inverarity.

John fucken Inverarity.

It seems like such an oddly perfect choice.

It almost feels like they did it by accident, and only found out once the press release had been sent out.

Because Inverarity is professional, respected, intelligent, schooled, clinical, trust worthy and the exact sort of person Australia need to take over from the Bert and Ernie show from Greg and Andrew.

I can’t see how they could have picked someone much better.

That doesn’t mean it won’t go to shit. That Inverarity and Howard are the right choices is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean that they wont be tainted by the Cricket Australia alternate reality.

But they should be happy, they got it right. And that hasn’t been Cricket Australia’s way for a while.

They should be pouring orangina over each other’s naked body in happiness, and they would be, but the Krab is hard to get past.

It seems that when Simon Katich wants the news cycle, he digs into the cycle just like how he digs into the crease for Australia.

Well, how he used to dig in for Australia.

See how I still turned this negative.

It’s a gift. Hopefully one that CA doesn’t also have.

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3 thoughts on “Cricket Australia get two from two

  1. smudgeon says:

    If Katto’s not careful, people are going to think he’s bitter or something.

  2. Lolly says:

    “Instead the first ever full time chairman of selectors is John Inverarity.

    John fucken Inverarity.

    It seems like such an oddly perfect choice.”

    I couldn’t believe it either. So weird. He can’t last long surely?

  3. Lolly says:

    What i mean is, they seem to be an organisation without integrity and he’s got loads.

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