Tony Greig’s true calling

Tony Greig just happened.

It never made much sense to anyone, but one day he just entered the global cricket consciousness, and like an enormous loud and often wrong tick, he never went away.

For years Tony Greig just went on being Tony Greig.

I never got it, and I don’t think anyone else did.

Then today I saw the film Snowtown.

And suddenly Tony Greig’s meaning became clear to me.

While a brother rapes his brother in another sunny scene from Snowtown, we hear Tony Greig selling a limited print of David Boon on the TV in the background.

The whole event happens moment after what looked like Javagal Srinath coming in to bowl. Which may or may not have triggered the incestous rape scene that is so well narrated by Tony Greig.

Sometimes we have to sit through hours and hours and hours and years of someone who we all detest just for that one moment of brilliant pop culture usage, and that certainly seems the case for Tony Greig and his cameo in Snowtown.

Now he makes sense to me, he was here for that one short scene.

Once you’ve seen the film, which is a grim tale about bogan killers in Adelaide (a similarly grim film about the Redbacks shield form over the last few years is in production “booftown”), you’ll never see, or hear, Greig the same way again.

And isn’t that what art is about, making you think of incestous male on male rape when you hear a commentator you don’t like?


7 thoughts on “Tony Greig’s true calling

  1. Alvaro_FSS says:

    I enjoyed the kids’ film ‘the mighty boofs’
    they lost miserably in the end too

  2. Heiku says:

    I always thought the Indians liked him and that’s why he was always sticking around.

  3. nick says:

    leave Tony Greig alonnneeee. He is HUMAN! IF U GOT PROBLEM WITH Greig then u have to go through meeeeeeeee. leave Tony Greig ALONE JROD!

  4. jogesh99 says:

    Even Majeed is a better human being. And less full of bs.

  5. kaprashoo says:

    leave the old man alone and turn your weapon towards

    another top spin full of anti Indian sentiment this week. that he regularly moans about chippy indians and then spouts his anti indian routine is a staggering lack of self awareness from the king of all cricket writing cunts.

    i really hope that his karmic chickens come home to roost with him catching his wife taking it up the arse from a mr patel.

  6. yenjvoy says:

    Jarrod ji,

    If you are speaking such bad bad things about our lovely Tony Grieg ji, then I shall getting many angry on you. Tony Grieg ji never commentary on homosexual brother rape of own brother by another brother. Such shameful acts are very shameful and Grieg ji is very too great sportsman and captains of England teams. Are you saying England teams rape own brothers homosexually. If we say about Australia captain that he is chappal (footwear in India) will you like? I ask you? I am such sad on your poor thinking and lacking of the basic respect. In future times, you should be careful. Mind it.

    Your sincerely,
    Yenjvoy aka Hurt Indian Fan of Tony ji

  7. Matt says:

    Listeing to Tony Grieg is akin to that great private school dorm sport, farnarkling, wheirin participants are rated for speed and elegance of a self administered fisting.

    I’m pretty sure Greiggy was only kept around to sate Packer and Benauds need for a quick post work bukkake.

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