I saw Sachin Tendulkar blink

It’s not an easy decision to come point out a flaw of the greatest human being to ever where (some people may write wear here. I can see why. However, I am moving the English language on and using where as people think where are Sachin’s pads in the overall scheme of things.  It’s risky, and some may see it as an error,  but really you are a big stupid head and I am the one who is progressive, I where the golden crown around here) light blue buckle cricket pads.

Sure, I could have taken in to the grave, so that only Sachin and I knew the real truth.

Some may see it as the honourable thing to do.

Why sully Sachin’s name just so you can sell your book?

But truth is also important, and what are we if we hide the truth to make our heroes look less human.

If you prick Sachin, does he not bleed and tell you to stop pricking him?

Sachin is human, which is a good trait, and because of this and my desire to sell copies of my book let me tell you about the time I saw Sachin blink.

It was a warm day in December, there was a warm northerly blowing and my girlfriend of the time had decided to come to Victoria Vs India with me.

Before we got to the ground she was complaining, it was never going to be a good day.

Earlier in the match I’d seen the ego of Hodge annoy Ganguly by batting for days.

Now I was just there to see Sachin bat.

He didn’t.

Sehwag came and went, as did the man playing cricket just so he has something to write about, at 3 Dravid should have come in but instead it was some random dude that no one wants to remember, and so Dravid didn’t come in till 4. Shortly after the game was abandoned to ensure that no one committed suicide from boredom.

Sachin was due to come in next.

the crowd of 300 Indian students and my girlfriend and I were ripped off.

During the day, to avoid any sort of conversation with my girlfriend, I spent most of my time looking at Sachin in the dugout.

To be honest, he didn’t do much, he had the look of a man who wished he had a good book but instead was being chatted to by Ganguly.

At one stage Cameron White started warming up, earlier in that match he had taken 4/59 in a blistering attack on everything Indian.

It was perhaps the greatest spell of legspin in that match.

White tugged up his shirt sleeves with a pinching manoeuvre and then whirled his large shoulders around in masculine artistry as Sachin watched on intently.

With the shoulders a blur of frenzied excitement, Sachin blinked ever so slightly.

It was a short blink even by blinking standards, and I doubt anyone else even saw it, but I did.

As his eyes shut I assume Sachin saw into the future to see what a force Cameron White would be and went about finding a way to destroy him.

It may have been Sachin’s only ever blink, but he used it wisely.

Years later Sachin would be dismissed by White in a test match, he allowed this to throw people off the trail.

No one has seen him blink since that day.

When you or I blink, it shows our weakness because we are providing moisture to the eye by irrigation using tears and a lubricant the eyes secrete.

When Sachin blinks, it shows he is human and superhuman at the same time.

There is no account of Sachin’s eyes or Cameron White’s shoulders in my latest book.

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14 thoughts on “I saw Sachin Tendulkar blink

  1. atleast Akhtar had Afridi to back him up…..who’s gonna back your claim, JRod?

  2. yenjvoy says:

    The word of a convict over 2 Pakistani Test cricketers? Hmm… yes, I believe you JRod. :-))

  3. Some of the silliest shit you have ever written, and one of the better Sachin-themed posts that have been published recently

  4. Wannabe writer says:

    “It’s not an easy decision to come point out a flaw of the greatest human being to ever where light blue buckle cricket pads.”

    It’s spelled: wear.

    How many books have you sold, and who buys them?

    • jrod says:

      Wannabe writer,

      Good spot, its people like you who keep the world on track. How ever, you have only shown us one error, so I now suggest you go through all the blog posts on this site and point out all the mistakes. Take you’re time and be careful, you dont wan’t to miss any. Place them in a spreadsheet with there corrections beside them and I’ll send it to my large team of editors and proofreaders who work full time on ensuring that this site has no errors. This error, and more importantly others like it, will make people assume that this site is run by some guy who just rights his thoughts down and posts it unedited when he has some spare time. That is not good enough? Although with your help I am sure the sub-editing infrastructure of cricket With balls can be inspired into making this a place of less, or is it fewer, errors in the future.

      As for your’e request for sales information about my books, you would have to contact my publisher, Pitch Publishing, directly and enquire from them. While you’re their, why not ask them for a book deal. I will happily be a reference for you on you’re brilliant eye for spotting literal errors in blogs, which is what I assume most book publishers are looking four.

      In answer to youre last question, the people who buy my books are cricket fans.

      Goodnight and thank youre mother for the cheesecake.

      Sincerely Jarred

  5. Ajesh says:

    jrod WIN.

  6. yenjvoy says:

    The Tiger Blood (TM) is brimming over today Jarrod. Now I know you are really David Warner – the guy that poses as you on the awful videos is way less (or is it fewer) cooler. :-))

  7. kaprashoo says:

    deer wannabe, maybe think before you weighed in next time. who hasn’t maid a a boo boo with a homophobe at sum thyme or other? it was a bit of a cheep shot. wee all now jrod is a cereal offender when it comes to poor english so if it greats with you, stay away of the sight.

    you charmless cunt.

  8. poopsie says:

    Pure shameless clickbait

    At least you and Tendulkar have something in common, you are both ridiculously underrated

  9. hi says:

    Great piece for Cameron White’s book. You must be his scribe

  10. Rishabh says:

    JRod, I just wanted to point out that your last comment was pwnage.

    Good morrow to you, sir.

  11. Deep Cower says:

    Jarrod, What the fuck did I just read?

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