The Tiger

A cricketer.



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12 thoughts on “The Tiger

  1. Sreejith says:

    RIP Tiger

  2. Aditya says:

    That’s a lovely tribute JRod!

  3. nick says:

    He looks like some Hollywood actor.

  4. Angy says:

    Indian cricketers were cooler in his day.

  5. yenjvoy says:

    Felt immeasurably sad yesterday. Nice gesture JRod. Did you meet him over the summer in England?

  6. AlvySinger says:

    It happened so suddenly and so quickly. It’s taking its own time to sink in. I remember watching him in your Chucks video. He seemed all smiles and looked quite well as he groped for three words to describe India’s performance, “Very disappointing. That’s two words. Very, VERY disappointing.”

    Don’t mean to be churlish but I do wish now more than I did then that the handover of the Pataudi trophy had been better handled. :(

    Classy, dignified leader and trend-setter to the very end. And a tenacious fighter- how many people would go on to hit centuries after losing an eye? RIP Tiger.

  7. Asad Shairani says:

    Beautiful. RIP Tiger.

  8. wilsonzenith says:

    Anyone know where the photo was taken? Brighton??

  9. D Charlton says:

    Great shot. Great man.

    Brighton is a good guess as Tiger did play for Sussex.

  10. Matt says:

    magic photo, love the Dame Edna glasses

  11. raymond hounslow says:

    I saw quite a lot of Tiger when he was captaining Sussex and I lived in Brighton. Aside from being a brilliant and unflinching batsman, even after his accident, he was a true sportsman. I never saw him dispute a decision either at the wicket or on the field, or berate a teammate if they made an error – his normal reaction was to go and console them!

  12. Kanwar says:

    Cricketers don’t come any classier than that. Atleast, not anymore.

    The place in the photograph is most probably Marine Drive, Bombay. The place has changed over the years but still looks recognizable.

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