Are Pakistan considering a woman coach?

I’m obviously not the only person who is going to apply for the Pakistani position, the cricket couch already has, and even the great Sana Kazmi has applied.

Although perhaps applied is too strong a word.

Sana asked if women could apply:

Dear Mr Alam,

I am a passionate supporter of Pakistan cricket as well as of the PCB as an organization for its professionalism and outstanding work ethic. I would be delighted to apply for the Head Coach position, but before I do so, I wanted to check whether you are accepting applications from women.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Sana Kazmi

For those who don’t know Sana, you will one day. She is an intellectual machine who will either become the first World President, or a junkie who collects Fraggle Rock memorabilia and ends up with her own chat show.

If she were in any election I’d vote for her because she is amazingly intelligent, fiercely competent and breathtakingly passionate.

And I’m basing this on her twitter feed; in real life she’s probably better than this.

This is a person that if it were not for her complete passion for cricket, or more importantly Pakistan cricket, would have already get the world of it’s dependency on natural gas, worked out how to desalinate water and put an end to reality TV.

Instead she spends her time finding every part of cricket information that she can, trying in her own way to help Pakistan cricket.

That said, she has no coaching experience, so as a head coach, she could be rubbish. No more so than Geoff Lawson, but still.

In her email she doesn’t say she has no coaching experience, in fact, other than blowing smoke up the ass of her potential employers and not using any coach speak like areas or skillsets, she says nothing of her background at all. She just comes off as an eager well-spoken woman who is asking if women can apply, not even coach, but just apply for the job.

This is the reply:

Dear Sana,
Thank you very much for your mail. I am sorry to in form you that we are not considring women for coaching job.
Intikhab Alam

Boom, boom.

No one is going to be surprised that Pakistan isn’t about to appoint a woman head coach. I mean if it is going to happen anywhere, you’d probably put your money on each and every other test-playing nation before Pakistan.

While it may happen one day in the future, right now there aren’t really that many women anywhere near coaching positions anywhere in the world. Belinda Clark is involved with the Australian Academy, and may shortly have a better title than that when the CA bingo is finished. And Gemma Broad is an analyst for the English team. Neither looks likely to become head coaches anytime soon. Most of the rest of the women in cricket work in the media or administrative side of things, and I can’t see Natalie Germanos, Sharda Ugra, Chloe Saltau, Donna Symonds and Alison Mitchell getting the Sri Lankan coaching job anytime soon.

It is funny that he even took time to respond, and that when he did he chose the option that seems like harder work. I mean how hard is it to say yes, and then just ignore all the emails from women, that’s how a proper chauvinist would do it.

For the record, I don’t think Sana Kazmi should be the Pakistan Coach, but she would make a kick ass head of the PCB, or even, a top-notch Head of Cricket operations.

If, as Intikhab Alam so poetically put it, the Pakistan players are mentally retarded and not toilet trained, I’d back her to fix that quicker than anyone else the PCB will employ.

As let’s be honest, the PCB’s male employees have not really been doing so well for them that they can just ignore 50% of the population.

And maybe it isn’t just women that they draw the line at, perhaps sufferers of dwarfism and albinism are out, camp homosexuals probably wouldn’t be allowed to apply and I doubt Pakistan would ever take an application from anyone who thought Greedo should have shot first.

That’s the problem with discrimination; if you stop the brightest and the best from being involved you end up with Ijazz Butt, some random white coach and Intikhab Alam having to teach toilet manners to idiots.

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3 thoughts on “Are Pakistan considering a woman coach?

  1. Sabah says:

    I’d bet that not only does Ijaz think Greedo shot first, but also thinks that the only thing missing from the final battle in ‘Jedi’ was Vader letting out a ridiculous bellow as he flings the Emperor over the railing.

    No I’m not angry. Not at all.

  2. Asad Shairani says:

    Brilliant recommendation. I’m mailing Sana to give it another try now.

    p.s. She IS better in real life.

  3. Critihas says:

    “While it may happen one day in the future, right now there aren’t really that many women anywhere near coaching positions anywhere in the world” Not even Stuart Broad once he retires?

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