Nathan’s broken face is just the beginning

It was bound to happen. It’s been brewing for some time now, and if it was going to happen to anyone, it was going to happen to Nathan.

Frankly, the way Cricket Australia has treated them, and encouraged others to treat them, it is amazing it has taken this long.

But now the truth lays bloodstained on the floor of a Hervey Bay pub.

Australian spinners are now victims of hate crimes.

Some will suggest that Nathan Hauritz getting punched is a one off thing, and the police and Cricket Australia will try and spin it that way, but it’s simply not true.

The Australian public turned against this section of society a while back, and with fear mongering from the Spinnerist media and fire starting by Cricket Australia it was clear that a mob mentality would turn this violent.

Hauritz was lucky to survive his attack, but it isn’t just him.

Xavier Deoherty was denied access to a pub in Devonport, when he asked why the security guy told him his sort weren’t welcome there.

Bryce McGain was spat on by an elderly woman in a café.

Beau Casson was given a wedgie by several mean high school bullies.

And Greg Matthews was pelted with eggs, although that might be unrelated.

Nathan Lyon has picked a very good time to be out of the country.

Young kids who bowl spin are already being disowned by their parents, or being told to do it in private.

Old coaching manuals are being burnt for having any mention of Spin.

There is even a conspiracy that Shane Warne’s new appearance has been done just so he can distance himself from his spinning past.

‘I hate spinners’ facebook groups are popping up every day and pouring more bile inducing vitriol onto these pour spinners.

Some are selling ‘bash a spinner’ bumper stickers.

One day we could remember Nathan Hauritz being whacked in the face as the moment when we had a choice, we can stand up for them now, or watch the mob rip all of them piece to piece.

Otherwise one day we could find ourselves saying, first they came for the right arm offspinner, and I did not speak out because I was not a right arm offspinner…

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5 thoughts on “Nathan’s broken face is just the beginning

  1. kaprashoo says:

    shame on cricket australia for trying to bury news of this atrocity on today of all days. shame.

    r.i.p. in peace nathan hauritz.

  2. As a right arm offspinner I should probably do something, before there are none of us left…

  3. smudgeon says:

    how did they manage to hit such a disturbingly small target?

  4. yenjvoy says:

    Estee Lauder may have a problem with you after this post. Just sayin.

  5. Sidthegnome says:

    You missed Jason Krejza being beaten around the face by a woman while he shopped for organic guavas in Hobart recently. Like the Greg Matthews incident, though, it was unrelated.

    I just don’t like Krejza.

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