David Warner ends the need for cricket satire

“CA’s NSP announces David Warner will travel to Sri Lanka as standby player for Ricky Ponting who is returning home for birth of 2nd child”.

That is what Cricket Australia tweeted.

Well that’s it then, my job here is clearly redundant.

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5 thoughts on “David Warner ends the need for cricket satire

  1. Lolly says:

    They were doing so well too.

  2. jogesh99 says:

    So who was standing by for Ponting at the conception? Slater?

  3. jogesh99 says:

    And what’s the big fuss about Hussain’s comment – he din’t call them monkeys, did he?

  4. damiths says:

    Wow, how soft if Ponting ? Going for a 2nd child birth ?

  5. 365SM says:

    Well Nice Ponting, congrats on your 2nd Child birth, As for the cricket don`t worry some one will win the game…….Family is first. Enjoy.

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