The IPL raped my daughter

And not only did the IPL rape her, but it was done in prime time, marketed like a new toy and was continued even when people seemed to lose interest.

I see why some might have seen her as being a willing participant. To an unlearned eye it could look very consensual, and that she in fact loved it. But, the IPL used cunning tricks to get her involved, so at the least it was mind rape.

Yes, I understand she is of willing age, and should be able to take care of her self, but they still used peer group pressure on her. Everyone was doing it, how can you expect her to say no.

I can see why you’d think that because she was willing to change her plans that she was as eager as anyone else, but she’s not worldly. They manipulated her with shiny trinkets, she led a very sheltered life until she began travelling the world 3 or 4 times a year.

You may see her reaction to each situation as someone who is happy to be there, you’re wrong, she is just the Patty Hearst in the IPLs sick uprising.

Now every other part of her life is falling apart, and you all know this is because of this brutal consensual adult mind raping.

She isn’t the same as before.

Maybe she doesn’t even know it, groups like this can turn you against your friends and family, they make you act differently, and its only from the outside, like I am, that I can see it.

This is wrong and barbaric, why won’t the governments step in, this shouldn’t be allowed to continue.

You’ve all seen my daughter be paid a lot of money to perform live sex acts for gaping fools. You’re all complicit.

If my daughter wants to perform these acts for free, or in the privacy of a ground that is sparsely populated whilst representing her country for a far more meagre weekly remuneration, then I am ok with that.

That’s what people did for generations before her, it was, and still is, the proper way to conduct yourself. But not this, anything but this.

My daughter could have been anything, her potential was limitless.

Now she is nothing more than a human receptacle for the vile IPL ejaculate.

When she does come home, you can tell she isn’t really feeling anything, the IPL has abused her and left us with nothing more than faded memories of the sweet little angel she used to be.


17 thoughts on “The IPL raped my daughter

  1. Tybalt says:

    I think this was a direct counterblast to @cecimasters saying you’d gone mainstream, J-Rod.

  2. raj says:

    You sired Indian test cricket?

  3. wilsonzenith says:

    Jrod, whilst the majority of us enjoy your often provocative and tongue in cheek take on all things cricket, was the brutal rape analogy really necessary? I’m a big fan of your stuff but I fear you’ve misjudged the tone this time.

  4. kny789 says:

    I’ve never closed the cwb page down so quickly at work before. Kudos Jrod. Kudos.

  5. Vinod says:

    “If my daughter wants to perform these acts for free, or in the privacy of a ground that is sparsely populated whilst representing her country for a far more meagre weekly remuneration, then I am ok with that.”

    Brilliant! Now to get Lawrence Booth and Sharda Ugra to read this piece! :-)

  6. kaprashoo says:

    @wilsonzenith, oh behave. what did the fucking slag expect dressing like that and wiggling her arse all over town?

    never understood why so many feminists have taken ownership of “rape”. but then i don’t have a vagina…(the first wit to reply with “but you’ll always be a cunt to me” wins an ecb 100% polyester tie. with some ragu stains thrown in for free.)

  7. Rachel says:

    Methinks this analogy has little to do with the IPL. Time to remember your motto Jarrod – sexy subversive writing on cricket. This ain’t.

  8. Rachel says:

    Hi Jarrod, maybe just laziness.

    • jrod says:

      Rachel, I’d say it’s anything but lazy. I was pointing out how ridiculous it is for a fan to claim that the IPL is ruining their cricketers, when the players want to play in it as well. What better way to point out that stupidity than by using a similarly ridiculous theme of a man claiming his daughter must be raped, rather than accepting she may just have wanted to have sex with someone that he found abhorrent. It is the very opposite of laziness, isn’t it, the lazy option is to say, ‘hey, loud silly cricket fan, the players choose to play in the IPL’.

  9. jogesh99 says:

    what about them lankans then? at home – to aussie spin!
    oh, it was a gang bang.

  10. howsickyoucanget says:

    The writer of this post obviously has not consulted his mother, sister or even his wife on rape and what trauma the victim goes through before writing this “funny” post on rape.

    • jrod says:

      Howsick, actually, it’s not about rape, but about people who claim others have been, oh never mind… By the way, do men get raped as well?

  11. Dave says:

    Unlike some people i understood the point you were trying to get at here and agree, if players are choosing to play in these leagues all the time, we can’t really blame the boards and leagues for the problems caused can we?

  12. Jayman says:

    Clever peice Jrod. Cleverer still because people will read it in an attempt to be outraged after seeing the title and may just be enlightened by the very valid point from the body of the text. Although judging by the comments, you may have misjudged your reader base.

  13. yenjvoy says:

    Oh, Jarrod, how could you? I love your writing, and your sense of humor, but you took it too far this time. There are certain things that are just not funny, in any context. I know that you were going for satire but I do think some subjects do not lend themselves well at all to satirization. Its a short list, but the list does exist. The IPL is definitely near the top of this short list.

    By the way, all the commenters above belly aching about rape etc, watsupwidat?

  14. kaprashoo says:

    jrod (that’s a rather phallic sounding nickname. do you hate women or something?)

    please ignore the critics. i was going to say fuck ’em but that would be a waste of rohypnol

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