The Gimber Jaigh report on a review (Argus me baby)

This is basically just me and Gideon Haigh talking shit about Australian cricket for the best part of 90 minutes.

Some of you may prefer to choke a bunch of small puppies instead, which I understand, but for those of you sick enough, here we wibble about argus and shit.

Download it here.
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10 thoughts on “The Gimber Jaigh report on a review (Argus me baby)

  1. […] You can also hear Jarrod talking to Gideon Haigh about the whole issue, here. […]

  2. Abhishek Bommakanti says:

    What gives, doesn’t seem to be available on iTunes or on the direct link. Gives a Not Found error…

  3. Abhishek Bommakanti says:

    Problems not yet resolved?

  4. Adrian says:

    I really want to hear this; I had arranged for some baby oil and Natalie Portman photos, with this as a juddering soundtrack, and now there’s just silence (almost). Fix it, fix it, fix it. Please.

  5. Sidthegnome says:

    I’ve got it, I’ve got it <>

    Seriously, though, it is sorted now if you haven’t worked it out already.


  6. Deep Cower says:

    You’re mainstream now?

    • jrod says:

      Ok, y’all, for those who haven’t seen it, it has been fixed, I’m not really sure how, but yes, listen if you want.

  7. jay says:

    I was enjoying it until your “Steve Waugh ghost wrote your books”.; then a chill went through the room.

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