the two chucks last day at the oval: harsha angry edition

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19 thoughts on “the two chucks last day at the oval: harsha angry edition

  1. puneet says:

    Hope people(atleast Indians) dont end up remembering this test match for Sachin’s 91 ..

    I want that India World Cup 92 Jersey.. cant u put up a competition for it ?

  2. kc says:

    if you think this match showed why england were a better side, you have it wrong, mate. india were crap throughout this series. as an indian, i feel i should apologize to english cricket fans for india’s pre-series bravado and its subsequent performance.
    the one bright spot: our fucking prima donnas will come down to earth.
    god, what a fucking nightmare. big fan of your videos, though!

  3. kaprashoo says:

    who the fuck is some no mark speccy english cunt to decide what indians can and cannot celebrate? the east india company is no more, motherfucker, so enjoy your victory instead of denigrating the opposition in your oh so classy way. the graceless way the english have been crowing makes me nostalgic for the ugly australians of a few years back who seem positively corinthian in comparison.

    and i’ll tell you what’s “embarrassing”, a pigeon chested pasty cunt unbuttoning a few too many buttons on his shitty dress down friday cunt shirt, thinking it gives him the air of an international playboy. it doesn’t. you cunt. just you wait till sehwag returns…

  4. Dave says:

    Good work throughout the series, lads – really enjoyed all the videos. Chippy Irish cricket fan would like to point out that England (albeit mostly the Lions) are in Dublin on Thursday for a ODI before Indian T20, ODIs and the UAE trip. May not mean much to the big nob Test teams but it’s a hell of a big deal for us. We beat them last time you know…

  5. Muttley says:

    Hang on wait. I thought Sewag DID return this series?

  6. kaprashoo says:

    muttley, are you back on the crack? of course the nawab didn’t play. in future check cricinfo before posting on the internet. else you’re gonna look pretty silly.

  7. chintan says:

    Why was harsha pissed? What happened there?

  8. Muttley says:

    Oh yes sorry you are right. He didnt play. I forgot about him not playing, through getting out 1st ball in both innings.

  9. Rory says:

    Sehwag did play in this series (according to cricinfo). He just played in a pathetic, seemingly talentless manner. Other than Dravid and to a lesser extent PK, every Indian player was made to look rubbish by England.

    Given the humiliating circumstances, I can understand why kaprashoo is weeping, throwing his toys out of the pram, and generally wallowing in self pity. He is behaving like his heroes, a victim

  10. kc says:

    kaprashoo, did you watch this series? we were outclassed. sehwag and the others — with the exception of dravid and praveen — were revealed to be fat, overpaid cunts. it was like watching india in the ’90s.

  11. kaprashoo says:

    what the fuck are you mad bastards talking about? virender sehwag, the nawab of najafgarh did not play in this series. jesus, have you heard of the internet? ask the librarian to help you look it up.

    and rory, save your psychiatry for the girls from over eaters anonymous. it don’t make me wet. much.

  12. Muttley says:

    Just been down to the local library. The lovely receptionist let me use their computer and showed me this link about the cricket.

    Thanks for the advice Kaprashoo
    Most helpful indeed

  13. Rory says:

    I used the internet to look up this story from a newspaper;

    It turns out that Sehwag got a King pair in the Edgbaston test. He didnt really bother the scorers in the rest of the series either.

    Kaprashoo, are you going to take all your Sehwag posters down now and cry into your curry?

  14. Bottom Edge says:

    Top work as always, Jarrod.

    Also, props to kaprashoo – love your work.

  15. Give that man struggling to get the WG quote a beer…or a samosa. I get the feeling he was there to see Agarkar’s century at Lord’s and is looking for redemption.

    And who told you Sunny could impersonate Mishra under the cozy confines of a helmet?

    Mishra rocks….sort of.

  16. chintan says:

    again.. what happened with harsha? isnt anyone else curious?

  17. chintan says:

    tnx for clearing it up… though must say thats a massive overreaction for a wolf whistle..

    • jrod says:

      chintan, it also followed on from someone else doing it, and harsha asking them not to, so I think he was pissed already. The good news is, I made a joke that I had the footage and was going to blackmail him with it, and he said I should use it.

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