I remember Rod Tucker as a nuggety stubbornly annoying all rounder for Tasmania.

Everything about his cricket said no nonsense.

His bowling was spectacularly unspectacular, and his batting was more a series of grunts than cricket shots.

He was Tasmania’s second hand ute, reliable, rusty, and the engine always started even if it never purred.

As an umpire he was a bit average, and by average, we mean ordinary, and by ordinary we mean, not all that good at all.

That said, the man wore a hat well, few umpires ever look that good in a hat, but Tucker had the strong forehead needed to pull off a wide brimmed hat, and he was never overcome by it.

People who know him rarely said a bad word about him.

Cricket has lost a good man today. He was survived by his partner, Simon.

In other news, Sachin fails to make his hundredth hundred after making it into the 90s.


17 thoughts on “RIP Rod

  1. Park says:

    At first reading I thought that Rod’s demise may be an Argus Report recommendation. But on googling I see it is far more serious than that. My thoughts are with him.

    I have some average, nuggety looking effigies with hats if anyone is interested.

  2. Phred says:

    Don’t write the Obit too early Jrod .. there are some pissed off Indians out there ;)

  3. zero_knowledge says:

    sorry to go way off the topic … but don’t you think its time to write a “balls profile” for rahul dravid?

  4. Crownish says:

    Whatever happened to the benefit of doubt going to batsmen? Tucker’s alright though considering the Sachin decision was a marginal one. The Davis one is inexcusable.

  5. poopsie says:

    and so very brave in death as well

  6. jogesh99 says:

    And here I’ve been blogging for Rod to get a Bharat Ratna.

    Since when is adding two absurdly unrelated numbers to get to 100 a matter of significance. Fuck, desis, show some self respect.
    52 test centuries, astonishing
    100 test + 1-day centuries, load of shit.

  7. raj says:

    Oh yeah jrod? What if he survives – which he is very likely to do? What happens to your satiric piece then?

    Unrelated news: The umpire who called John Lever for Vaseline never officiated again. Fact. Maybe, Indians werent good enough to be sarcastic enough those days.

    Well, anyway, England is regaining power on-field, and hopefully, off-field, too , soon. We’ll see the re-emergence of Veto when that happens. We’ll talk then. Bye.

  8. Des says:

    Tendulkar was lucky to make it that far. He should have been given out earlier. As for the stumping…..

  9. kaprashoo says:

    it’s fucking hilarious how many jokey references to effigy burning and death threats are made when anything happens in the world of cricket that concerns india. oh those crazee skinny darkies, when will they learn?

    mister jrod, have you considered writing a book on indian cricket? 500m middle class indians and I reckon atleast 27 of them are savvy enough to ‘get’ you.

    • jrod says:

      Kaprashoo, it’s fucking hilarious how many of those comments were made by indians as well… the fucken racists.

  10. kaprashoo says:

    nigga please. everyone knows indians are amongst the most racist cunts going. i fucking hate them and i am one.

    i’m serious about the book. you doing india or following the indians touring oz has potential. i’d buy it.

    • jrod says:

      Not sure. Just don’t know if I can be bothered writing another series based book. Unless it was touring with the IPL or something like that.

  11. kaprashoo says:

    can understand why another series book might bore you but i reckon you ‘doing’ india, in a potty mouthed bill bryson on a gap year with occasional bits of cricket stylee, has legs. i’m happy to wager one english pound that it’ll end up a classic.

    but be warned, you better draw some positive conclusions or my love for you will quickly turn to hate. convention then dictates that i will have to threaten to bum some sense into you and no one wants to picture being anally raped by an angry, diseased injun.

    • jrod says:

      K, If it was a four test series in India, I might, but in Australia I don’t know, I’d end up only doing it to piss you of.

  12. Paul says:

    I think the Indians should look to themselves and their poor cricket as opposed to blaming the umpires.

  13. kaprashoo says:

    paul, the umpires need to remember who pay their wages. now dance bitches, dance. (to the tune of a camp bollywood number with a 70s disco feel.)

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