Kumar’s other spirit of cricket lecture


7 thoughts on “Kumar’s other spirit of cricket lecture

  1. infinity says:

    There can only be two valid responses to this by Sangakara,
    1.) Fuck You.
    2.) Everybody’s like that when they’re young.

  2. Tybalt says:

    You have to be dead or an idiot not to enjoy Sanga.

  3. Akilaweerat says:

    LOL!!!! wonder what harbhajan would have done. :P

  4. Vim says:

    Love how he uses an actual figure to say how many people Shaun will be letting down. Precision sledging.

  5. Great stuff, what’s wrong with that.

    It beats calling someone a fat bastard, I have no problem with talk at the wicket when it is constructive and entertaining.

  6. Heiku says:

    Not really very good sledging to be honest. Exactly what you’d expect to hear.

  7. jogesh99 says:

    Did the loser’s lecture include a reference to the refined Sri Lankan art of bowling wides when an opposing batsman is on 99.

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