chucking with ravi shastri

Shastribot, check.

Jealousy, check.

Tracer bullet, check.

We delve deep into the Ravi Shastri psyche, and let me tell you, when he stares into your eyes, he’s got you just where he wants you.

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7 thoughts on “chucking with ravi shastri

  1. VN says:

    hahahahha, he sounded really pissed about Shastri bot :D classic :)

  2. Angy says:

    What a magnificent interview. Ravi Shastri is a cool customer.

  3. Really enjoyed the interview and let me just say, you are brilliant at what you do. I have gone stale on my blog for 4 months, but about to ramp it up again (very soon). Leaving the corporate shackles behind for a life of Masters studies and endless cricketing consumption!

    On the interview, I like Shastri, but at times I felt his nationalist sentiment clouded his judgement. I have been to India a few times, my girlfriend is from Bangalore. I love the country, the people; but when it comes to cricket they are ‘one-eyed’ at best. Sure, India are a ‘good’ team, there is no doubt. But until they prove it by winning a major series overseas, it is hard to whole-heartedly back then as a ‘number 1’ team.

    England, really are, wow. Amazing right now. Deserve everything they get (and I hate pommies so its hard for me to say that!).

    Jrod – are you coming to Australia later in the year for the India tour? Let me know, I live in Melbourne and would love to catch up for a beer (I live a hop-skip from the G), your views are very interesting to say the least.

  4. Great call ‘Googlie Cricket,’ I think India are a good team who have just ran out of gas at the wrong time. Their major achievement this year was achieved in winning the world cup.

    That said, your point about them not winning a major series overseas is a good one, another thing I’d add to that is their bowling has just collapsed in a heap in the absence of Zaheer. Which isn’t really the hallmark of a No 1 side.

    In the past Australia coped without Shane Warne pretty well when he was injured or suspended.

  5. Ged says:

    I am devastated. I discover Shastribot and learn that Shastribot is no more all on the same morning.

    …and frankly, jrod, it is pretty obvious that you and your partner in crime are largely responsible for the demise of that nascent great institution.

    The least you can do for us is to initiate a Jrodbot – it really shouldn’t be diffficult – and it would provide some scant consolation to the bereaved.

  6. Nightwatchman says:

    While on the subject of Ravi Shastri, is everyone aware of the latest revelations? –

    It looks like Shastri is just a stooge trained to repeat the BCCI’s views. Awesome.

  7. How the hell can it not be a conflict of interests?

    No wonder they’re both kicking off in England over the slightest things, have they got Alastair Campbell (not the Zimbabwean cricketer) advisng them?

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