two chucks go to trent bridge and talk to sharma about his hair

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5 thoughts on “two chucks go to trent bridge and talk to sharma about his hair

  1. tony selby says:

    Praveen Kumar decision absolutely right in my opinion

  2. Christopher says:

    Admittedly with the benefit of hindsight but I just could help commenting on Sam’s comment – “Laxman is out of position and Dravid doesn’t like opening”. That one went well then.

    • jrod says:

      Christopher, I think you may like the next episode.

      Cernan, mentioning grammar on here is like pissing in the general direction of a oil rig fire. And there is no way that Dravid bats the exact same way as he did in highschool, it’s not physically or mentally possible, everyone changes. His technique is now very much the batsman he is right now, if he was still batting with the same technique he used on Indian pitches against school bowlers, he wouldn’t be in test cricket.

  3. Christopher says:


  4. Anuj says:

    slightly exaggerated, but i agree with you, he’s changed, ever since he played that last awesome knock of his, 92* vs England in the Bristol ODI a few years back, he hasn’t played with the same fluidity. But the only reason he didnt completely go out of form (much like the rest) was his technique, even though it wasn’t the dravid we’d got used to. It was painful every time he came out in the middle, watching his test average drop nearly by 5 runs was as painful as my appendectomy. I really wish you got him to read this piece of yours. I’m pretty sure he’d like to read it too. And hopefully he frees up a lil, like tendulkar has, ironically in the same period dravid started falling! :P

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