Get some hot SPIN download action

OK, so I edit a cricket magazine.

You can subscribe here if you are in the UK. Or buy a copy in WH Smiths if you meet them at the crossroads at midnight.

Previously, that is all you could do.

The rest of the world was cut off, but I say no.

Let me give these people the magazine, let them SPIN, oh why can’t they SPIN.

So now, you can SPIN.

Everyone can SPIN, you know, if you pay to download it and have the basic skills required to download a file. Which you can, right here.

This is SPIN this month.

Go, SPIN, love.


3 thoughts on “Get some hot SPIN download action

  1. nick says:

    Zaheer one is the best lol

  2. Howe_zat says:

    There’s a bit of the former Cricket Sadists’ leaking into it, isn’t there?

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