a song of the first test

One of my many plans of cricket media domination has been to sing songs based on test matches.

Due to time constraints and not wanting to put you through that, it’s never quite happened.

Luckily, like test match sofa and the cricket couch podcasts, someone else has stepped into the void.

The blog Deep Backward Point is here to sing you a test in a song, it would be rude not to listen.

This may be one of the first songs ever written about Sehwagology.

One day this song will be referenced in a history show about how Sehwagology started.

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6 thoughts on “a song of the first test

  1. mspr1nt says:

    With his song, my graphic novel and the Two Chucks Combined, we could be Test Captain Planet.

  2. Devanshu says:

    I’ve thought of creating a rival group to the Chuck Fleetwood-Smiths called the Atul Bedade’s.

  3. mspr1nt says:

    J – it’s kinda ‘out’ already on the blog. Although, it’s not really a graphic novel. It’s just a bunch of photos from the first Test made to look like a comic book. More photos that look like comics novel.

  4. Phred says:

    Song? More like a whispered rap *lol*

  5. Rachel says:

    Good lyrics but Sehwagology needs more than nursery rhyme singing. Get that dude who sang the Two Pricks song (the second version).

    Jrod when is your next book in the shops please???

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