Katich cuts well

I was going to write a post here about who I would have sacked before Katich. Then it got serious. Then it got wordy. Then I uploaded it at Spin.

After I wrote it, I went and listened to Simon Katich’s 20 minute press conference.

Katich speaks far more eloquently than he ever batted.  However, like his batting, it’s the counter attacking that is what’s best about this.

When he says, “I know how they operate” that’s a dig at Cricket Australia being cowardly, opportunistic and slimey, but he doesn’t call them any of that.  It’s subtle, but far better than any of his awkward nudges to the legside.

Then he says that Sachin Tendulkar was written off a few years ago by one of our selectors.  Wow. Grag Chappell is now in hospital getting Katich’s foot removed from his ass.

There’s obviously more on the selectors, because he has just been dropped and he is clever and articulate enough to savage them quite well.  Because it’s on the selectors where this could come off as a what about me douchjuice, that he doesn’t is a work of art, 17 men squad, part timers and the spinning carousel make this a wonderful effort.   The way he spreads the love so it’s not just about him as a work of art.

You could imagine some players with Katich’s past coming out and stating that Michael Clarke was involved because of the old sing sing choke choke situation from a few years ago.  Katich could have used that, but no, he’d rather deflect that and let others think about it.

I don’t agree with everything he says, especially when it’s that Australian cricket selection has always been about performance at shield level.  That wasn’t the case for Steve Waugh, Ian Healy, Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath or Michael Clarke’s selection who were all picked on potential.

But that’s the good thing, you can disagree with his points and be of the opinion that he should have been dropped, but you can’t argue that he has exposed Cricket Australia’s lower points that they often pretend aren’t a problem.

King James Sutherland has already disagreed with some of this, but you can’t spin what Katich has said, because the people are on his side and in his press conference he didn’t make the mistakes that most players do.

People have called his comments angry, and they are, but this isn’t some rant, the man sounds calm and calculated, which is like how he batted, and all of this make his comments all the more trustworthy.

Cricket Australia have been cut open beautifully by Katich, which is ironic, but he never played a beautiful shot on the field.

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11 thoughts on “Katich cuts well

  1. After all this brouhaha, is there any chance for him to make a return to the side?

  2. steve says:

    This is the most entertaining that Oz cricket has been for years.

  3. Angy says:

    I just like how he starts with “I am old and hairy and have no fucks to give”.

  4. If katich then why not ponting?? well a young team is built by a gradual change , not suddenly expelliing your best experienced players.

  5. Ram says:

    Hey, CA is beginning to rival PCB……
    All we need know is for warne to come out of retirement.

  6. Lolly says:

    That is what I was impressed about the presser. How calm while being angry he was and how smart most of what he said was.

    I knew he was smarter than the others around the Aus squad but I didn’t realise he could carry something like that off so beautifully. Some piece of work.

    I can’t help but think it’s too thorough a skewering not to have had Stuart Clark’s hand in it as well as Katich’s.

  7. hi says:

    Australia is losing tests bcos of its bowling. In batting, they only need a good opener to partner watson. I think Phil Jacques is better than Katich.

  8. Rachel says:

    One other clear barb issued by the Kat is to his NSW team-mate Philip Hughes, in the repeated references to performance at the top of the order.

    If Hughes’ technique and temperament for Test cricket prove better than Kat’s I’ll eat my shoes. I don’t think Hughes is going to “come good”, too many Test bowlers around who can put it in the “right area” above 85 miles an hour. (Although none in the Australia team).

    I’d have dropped Hilfenhaus, Hughes and Hussey.

  9. Angy says:

    Having seen Hughes’ last match, the “right area” is probably full and wide, so the only bowler who can get him out is Mitchell Johnson. He’s reversed his trigger movement to go across instead of backing away and can actually play through the legside now. Much of the problem he had this season comes down to trying to play his old “I can cut everything” shots without backing away. Somewhere between January and March he learned how to drive through the V like a normal person and as such, he looks many times better.

    Hughes is also one guy the selectors have completely failed so far. They knew they might have picked him too early and they dropped him as soon as they found the slightest bit of proof. Sometimes that is just part of the process of trying a new guy out, but before you know it, he’s playing in the very next Ashes on the back of scores that even Glenn McGrath would have lamented. I guess he wasn’t dropped to improve his technique, but instead he was being rested.

    It sucks to be Martyned, but at least when Marto came back, he was ready. When the selectors make bad decisions, it’s the players who wear the cost and that’s exactly what Katich is talking about.

  10. George says:

    this man made sure steve waugh retired with his reputation intact by saving his last test.
    no last test for himself though. is there a stronger word for paradox?

  11. Lolly says:

    “Somewhere between January and March he learned how to drive through the V like a normal person.” That is a very funny line. I certainly hope he has learnt to bat like a normal person. It will raise his game enormously as I suspect there’s a decent test match temperament ticking away underneath the horrible technique.

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