Two Chucks from Cardiff day 5

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6 thoughts on “Two Chucks from Cardiff day 5

  1. Joel says:

    What about all that stuff you said about Alec Stewart at your wedding – now you have interviewed him, tsk, tsk, tsk

  2. Cameron says:

    A couple of questions for Jrod:

    What do you really think about Murali’s action?

    I went through your archives and all I could find was you writing you had ‘suspicions’ about it when posting about his retirement. Don’t get me wrong, that one word is a lot more than most are prepared to say.

    Have you avoided the issue so you could peruse a career as a professional cricket writer? If so I don’t blame you.

    Also what do the MSM say about the doosra bowlers behind closed doors? It’s really all about protecting careers isn’t it?

    • jrod says:

      Cameron, I’m sure I’ve said it somewhere before, can’t find any good examples, but it’s here and here. There’s probably more, but I don’t envy anyone trying to find it in my archive. I think he chucks, the whole argument that he can’t straighten his arm is nonsense, he can’t fully straighten his arm, but it can clearly straighten to at least, and occasionally more than, 15 degrees. Also if he doesn’t chuck, why are young bowlers with his action pulled out of cricket? I don’t know how much more he chucks than other offspinners, but I remember reading if he was tested under current chucking rules he would have been in more trouble than he was than under the system that cleared him.

      I’ve never really worried about opinions I have ruining my career as a cricket writer. I also don’t think it really matters, when people in the business raise questions over me they generally talk about my swearing, abuse of players or perverse sexual and moral code. I don’t think my position on Murali’s action is ever really thought of.

      I’d say that most in the MSM think that doosras are chucks, or are at least suspicious of them, that’s just based on chats, I haven’t polled anyone. Chucking is sort of like gay priests for Anglicans, or abortion for Amnesty, no matter what you say, someone is going to get pissed off. Most people in the MSM just try not to get abused on a daily basis, or get their editors abused. I’ve never heard of anyone getting fired for saying he’s a chucker, they might have got in trouble from an editor after angry Sri Lankan phone calls, but that’s about it.

  3. Cameron says:

    Jrod, thanks.

    You say:

    ‘when people in the business raise questions over me they generally talk about my swearing, abuse of players or perverse sexual and moral code.’

    In other words they condemn swearing but they are quite happy to condone cheating via chucking. Fucking hypocrites. To all those in the cricketing MSM who read this: fuck you.

    You are a bunch of fucking cowards who are quite happy to overlook systemic cheating in our game but try to exclude a young (rival) cricket writer who says cunt. May you rot in hell.

    To, Jrod, thank you again for your honesty sir and best of luck.

    • jrod says:

      Cameron, I just think it’s funny when they tell me not to swear whilst swearing in the conversation.

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