Paranavitana knows what’s happening

Tharanga Paranavitana is 29 and averages 37 in test cricket, as far as sexy numbers in cricket go, Pranavitana is nowhere close.

Paranavitana is also not a smasher, or a stylist, or even flamboyant in any way.

He should be a not that easy to remember how to spell punchline on a site like this.

The thing is, he seems to have a bit of something about him.

He has the look of the man who knows his way around a city.

It’s 7 at night, he needs some cough medicine to mix in his vodka, and he knows which shop sells more than one per customer and which technician to get a couple of OxyContin on the sly few a few bucks more.

A limited issue zero issue batman comic is out, he doesn’t line up, he knows the store to call so they’ll have one bagged and boarded for him.

It’s 9am and his favourite titty bars aren’t open, but he knows which café will have the mammaries he needs to kick start his day.

And if he finds himself naked in a field at dawn, he knows which bus will be driven by an alcoholic bus driver that won’t care that he has wrapped up his groin with a local newspaper.

Not that Paranavitana does all this, he’s probably fully clothed when on public transport.

For him it just looks like a cricket composure, a touch of, I got this.

It’s probably just test match composure, that elusive component that all those with potential want to convert to.

He just seems to know what’s happening, it’s only a new thing, but few learn it straight away.  He just doesn’t seem to get too flustered and plays his game no matter what goes on around him.

Paranavitana’s composure makes me feel less anxious watching him.  If it’s 3am, and we don’t know where the nearest pub is, I’d like to be out with him.

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5 thoughts on “Paranavitana knows what’s happening

  1. Codliverpate says:

    He’s a bubble batsman. No ruffle, no kerfuffle.

  2. nick says:

    most boring player ever. if i was a bowler and had to bowl him, i would refuse to do so. i would take retirement. i would run away as far as i can from tht ground. i would hire someone to kill him by chainsaw and then thriw his dead body in the ocean somewhere.

  3. “TORTOISE” of modern cricket…

  4. Sach says:

    If he can make you do all that, doesn’t he, kind of, win?

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