Hashan Tillakaratne’s in a fix

If you know of match fixing and you speak up, that takes some sort of balls.

However, if you know of match fixing, and you speak up saying you know details of match fixing, but don’t actually substantiate your claims of match fixing, what does that mean?

Does it mean you’re full of shit?

Or trying to get more publicity for your actual announcement?

Or is just what old grumpy bastards do when they aren’t talked about that much?

Cause Hashan Tillakaratne’s comments don’t make much sense to me.

“This has spread like a cancer today. There were threats of this issue being exposed at various times. But it was pushed down by giving money to various people. If the people who were responsible for that are listening to this, I state this today with great responsibility, I will shortly reveal the names of those responsible.”

Why shortly, why not just now?

If you know who is involved, you know and you can say it.

King Kumar things he shouldn’t throw names out there, which I agree with, unless he knows and can prove who is guilty.  Then he should. He should throw like fuck.

If it were any other ex-player, I might almost accept his reluctance to just name names.

But my one really strong memory of Hashan was an incident in an ODI against Australia. And it was that long ago that I am sure all the details are wrong or made up.

It seemed so normal, he played a shot, was caught at point, and should have just left the crease.

Instead he stood his ground and claimed he hit the ball straight into the pitch.

It was before the days of third umpires, and the umpires just didn’t seem sure as to whether it was out.

Hashan was kept at the crease.

On the replays it showed that it hit the top edge and went straight up in the air.

Hashan had fooled them all.

It was my sort of cricket, but it doesn’t make him more trustworthy.

Ofcourse, it’s late, and maybe all those details are wrong.

That is still my memory of Hashan and I’m just not ready to jump into bed with Hashan until he comes out with actual details.

Also, all this could all be a ruse set up by the former Sri Lankan selectors to cover the fact that they completely ended their teams chances in the world cup final with their stupid four changes.

That would mean that Hashan was guilty of spot fixing his comments…

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4 thoughts on “Hashan Tillakaratne’s in a fix

  1. Govind Raj says:

    Hashan Tilakaratne was Tilakaratne Dilshan’s favorite Cricketer. He was hiding so far, perhaps because SL Cricket was ruled by Kumars and Mahelas who don’t hold Hashan in great esteem. Now that his own ‘fan’ is the Captain, Hashan probably wants to enjoy his moment under the sun. Or may be he has something to say. He is emboldened by Dilshan’s accent. If he has a story, he has to tell it. Better late than never. Even Cancer has cure.

  2. Ganesh says:

    The last line of your was priceless!

  3. What if…. one of the ‘various people’ he mentions who had received money to keep quiet, but who hadn’t received any money for a while, then made comments like these?

    Could comments like these then be interpreted as an attempt at negotiating? E.g. signalling to ‘the people responsible’ that it was time to pay up again or be exposed?

  4. Ananda says:

    This is just a political game by Hashan. If he makes such a controversial statement, he should name the people involved immediately. When he doesn’t, all past cricketers including those who have been totally innocent would be painted by the same brush. Therefore Hashan has no right to say he would reveal the names later.
    He should be taken in by the authorities and given the third degree until he spits out the names or admits that it was only a political game.

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