Australian cricket is saved

The Australian has reported that Mike Young, Australian fielding coach, has been let go.

Well, that’s it then.

Australian cricket has done exactly what it needed to do, get rid of the one man who was holding them all back.

I was worried that they might keep Young, and that fielding would be the major problem.

Now with him gone their selection, administration, coaching, batting and bowling can be unshackled my this American man.

In fact, my Nan always said Americans were out to get Australians.

I always thought she was mental, but Les D’Arcy and Phar Lap deaths always seemed dodgy, now we can add Mike Young and his fielding coaching sabotage to that.

Americans have tried to bring down Australian cricket, but with the sacking of Mike Young Australia will rise to the top with sharp slip catching and relay throws from hell.

You don’t have to fear Mike anymore, boys, soft hands from here on in.

EDIT: Scientologists have just tried to take over Melbourne. This is obviously in retaliation and just more proof that Americans can’t be trusted. Fuck you, Mike Young.

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11 thoughts on “Australian cricket is saved

  1. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    The great investigation of the state of Australian cricket is leading to first results… CA’s gotta do what CA’s gotta do. Next on the chopping block: the physio, the physio’s grandmother and the physio’s grandmother’s cat. Dear me…

  2. Sid says:

    That’s all our problems solved, then, isn’t it? We are sure to walk the Ashes in next time now that that guy’s gone. Hilditch can sleep easy in his bed.

    Until he gets that (ticking) letter from me …

  3. Aditya says:

    Now that Australian cricket is all sorted out. Can you do us a favour and call Brad Hogg back home. He is killing us here at IPL with his commentary

  4. Lolly says:

    They didn’t want him around during the Ashes, but his poison seeped in anyway. I feel a great sense of relief now that the part-time scapegoat of 1000 and 1 ills, is gone.

  5. Lolly says:

    Aditya, he’s not as bad as Danny Morrison surely? That’s bad.

  6. paps says:

    read this post yesterday & then saw the guy as fielding coach in IPL helping another Aussie coach!!! Now need to know whether, the 2 Aussie’s can lift the chances of this IPL Team.

  7. I actually trained with Mike Young and he is a great motivator and throwing expert (obviously from his time spent in baseball). I don’t think him being American has got anything to do with your argument and why bring up scientology? What does that have anything to do with Mike Young and the Australian cricket team?

    It would be good to base your argument on facts. Do some research before you make ridiculous blog posts!

    • jrod says:

      Cricket Coach Brisbane, It’s called satire, the whole post is a joke, obviously firing Mike Young isn’t what Australian cricket should do, surely there are more important people who are actually full time they should fire to get the side back on track. Sometimes on this site we use satirical posts to point this out rather than writing, “Why did Australia choose Mike Young first?”

  8. theskiver says:

    Of course, if Cricket Coach’s (may I use your first names, is that ok?) comment was also satirical, we’ve all been had

    • jrod says:

      The skiver, I know, that is what bothers me, but if it is satire, he deserves me not getting it for being so brilliant.

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