balls profiles: harbhajan singh

Is called the turbanator because he wears a turban and he once took a shit load of wickets. If he had taken the wickets with a dickie cap on, he could have been the dickinator. Was once part of the best non-spinning spin attacks in cricket history. In India he is one of the most deadly beasts on earth, outside of India he is much more like a grumpy old uncle. Celebrated the Perth test win more than any 12th man ever has. Is prone to dancing, and to be fair, is not bad. Is not liked by Matthew Hayden, it’s possible they’re lovers. Slapped Sreesanth in the face. Called Roy something. You can see him as a pious fierce nationalist with terrific skill in offspin and an inflated sense of himself, a cunt, or a decent bowler who loves the cameras a bit much. Or perhaps all three. Has a doosra, bowls with long sleeves.

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34 thoughts on “balls profiles: harbhajan singh

  1. Govind Raj says:

    Has a doosra, bowls with long sleeves.

    Now another Turban wearing ‘Spinner’ of the yore would love this !

    And he thinks Sehwag is the Best Off Spinner in India !

  2. Jagadish says:

    Actually, he wears a patka, but let’s not get into the details :)

  3. Golandaaz says:

    Had written a post contrasting Rahul and Bhajji just before India’s SA tour

  4. Atleast he did one good thing! SLAP SREESANTH!

  5. karthik says:

    I think I will go with cunt.

  6. yenjvoy says:

    He does NOT like cameras. Apart from Sreesanth, he also once slapped a camera. Good thing is, after his slapgates, there is always an apology. Can’t wait to see him on the field with Roy. Only wish HayDOSS was still in the IPL, and also picked up by Mumbai Indians – now that would have been some team.

  7. Jayne says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Monty Panesar wears the little knot thingie at the back of his (patka?) turban while Harbij wears it at the front?

    No, probably not.

  8. hi says:

    you missed his two test centuries against kiwis and numerous 50s against aussies

  9. horatius says:

    Ah, a twofer. Long-sleeves for the Indians, and ball-tampering for the Pakistanis. You sure know how to get the sub-continental knickers in a twist.

  10. George says:

    Jarrods just a bitter OZ chooth masquerading as a cricket porn-star. But just like a porn-star, as his skin starts sagging, so is his following.

    Time to write something nice about tendulkar jarrod, your page view count says you should. Or find a regular job.

  11. Rusty says:

    George – you are a full blown idiot.

    I’m with Karthic on this one.

  12. s singh says:

    George, and you are a prick masquerading as another Tendulkar idolizing/stereotypical Indian.

    Difference between you & Jrod is that Jrod is damn good at what he does….

  13. Ricky Ponting says:

    Harbi is the biggest cunt ever to play cricket after Tendulkar so i’ll go with cunt.
    PS:What are the odds of George being Harbi himself?

  14. George says:

    aw, lookie, I hurt jarrods and his cronies feelings.

    issok ladies, im sure pup n punter are right now refining a master plan to take harbi the cunt down this summer ei – step one i’m sure reads ” tie shoe laces together to make sure the front foot dosent go fishing first ball ”

    no bad blood jarrod – its only natural to hate the man who took on your cricketing empire and tushed it.

    and yea – sure we injuns are warmin up to punter – the sissy aint got no fight left so why hate him ei?

    and yea – happy to help put food on ue plate, mate!


  15. George says:

    oh, dont mention it, here is another one jarrod.

    I’m hooked alright, CWB is top on my list of favrits – office and home.
    its the only place i dont get moderated (much respect jarrod) and hence get to see some raw emotions.

    dont get me wrong – I love the hate, I adore the hate. In fact, I’m gonna let you in on a secret – I thrive on the hate.

    And I know you do too

    Cronies – Yes I do have a life, a lovely one, so please…

  16. Ricky Ponting says:

    Nah George you dont.You are a 40 year old virgin and have never had sex with anything but your right hand so please..

    Oh and could you please take your nose of my oxygen it’s kind of valuable you know dont want you to waste em

  17. Ricky Ponting says:

    yeah it’s frustrating isn’t it having tiny penis?

  18. George says:

    Ok, the correct construction of that sentence should be;

    Yeah, it’s frustrating having tiny penis, isn’t it?
    (note that ‘isn’t it’ got moved to the end of the sentence)

    But you are Australian and call it a stereotype, but no one expects Australians to have cleared grade school, so it is hardly surprising. Now here is your free lesson. Read through because the point in the end is worth noting and important.

    A tag question is a special construction in English. It is a statement followed by a mini-question. The whole sentence is a “tag question”, and the mini-question at the end is called a “question tag”.

    Now the interesting bit – Tag questions are used to seek confirmation.

    Hence you just acknowledged having the tiny penis and publicly sought confirmation about the frustration it causes. Too bad.

    Now, if there isn’t anything else to discuss, other than your insecurities about your tiny weener, run along little boy. You’re just embarrassing yourself just like your namesake by sticking around too long. Leave this one to the big boys, yea?

  19. Ricky Ponting says:

    hahahaha have a look at this fellas the bitch is playing it smart here.fuck right off bitch nothing you say here or anywhere on internet will ever change the the fact that you have an incredibly small cock and you are deeply frustrated about having an incredibly small cock so you release that frustration by writing random chickenshit online inorder to dilusionally stay as far and away as you possibly can from your pathetic,cock sucking.curry pouching life in some indian shithole that you might call a city.Deal with it.

    PS.and my namesake is better than your stats whore that you currypouchers call a dog or god or whatfuckingever.have a nice day my troll mate.

  20. labrat says:

    relax ricky, it’s just another rant from another frustrated and racist, self loathing indian. don’t sink to his level pal.

  21. George says:

    without having to drop a cent, i;’m getting the best outta you girls. lol. really sue and jane, street abuse dont count as a debate . i’ve been skinning you silly and all you are doing is clawing and spitting.

    hahaha … jarrod, my work on this thread is done! and i got you more hits, see.I will respond in kind when you try to veil your racist contempt with ‘satire’.

    again, much respect, you arent modding this. shows you can take criticism. or maybe, free wordpress does not allow moderation.

  22. George says:

    well, it is in them subtleties, don’t you think?

  23. the pleasant encounter says:

    Aww there goes the dumb RICKY PONTING again trying to impose his view. hahahahaah so desperate :D :D

  24. Ricky Ponting says:

    tushq tushq tushq

    i’m spitting at your face.

  25. George says:

    big difference between chiding a player for non-performance and taking a pot shot at another’s integrity.
    if you want to play dumb, sure jarrod. i will retort sharply and that will include psychoanalysis. the current analysis indicate streaks of nationalistic bile manifested through subtle racist jibes.
    tait wears an elbow brace too, you know.

    • jrod says:

      George, Thank you so much for coming back. I don’t think Harbhajan chucks, King Kumar Sangakkara said the long sleeves comment, as you should know. And it’s funny. In fact, it’s more than funny, it’s a genius sledge. Last week there was also a post on Kane Williamson, who I accused of chucking, “his bowling is clearly a chuck”, because I do thinks he chucks. I’ve also accused South African, English and Australian players of chucking. As for integrity, I think he and Matt Hayden are lovers because they’re both massive assclowns who deserve each other.

  26. anand says:

    @ricky ponting- if u have any saliva left for your hands.. low iq biggot.

  27. jogesh99 says:

    If you aussies had the brains of a Sarkhozy, you would have banned the patka long ago.

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