balls profile: Umar Gul

Perhaps the longest face of any bowler in world cricket.  Gul is known for his yorkers in T20 cricket, his wides in ODI cricket and his general blandness in test cricket.  Little is known about Gul, mostly because he has never had genital warts or carried drugs through an airport.  Would probably be more respected if he had proper Pakistani fast bowling hair.  It’s important if you are not Pakistani to pronounce it Gull, as in Seagull, as it shows a certain respect to your Pakistani friends.  Is the only man to master reverse swing in T20 cricket which must mean he has some of the greatest ball tampering skills in history.  Respect.


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7 thoughts on “balls profile: Umar Gul

  1. sana says:

    he did get his hair straightened once.

  2. Thebigfatflapjack says:

    Umar Gul had long hair during one particular ODI series (i can’t remember which), and he actually got into a verbal match with the opposing batsmen.

    The hair probably had something to do with him having a “hair-raising” experieince.

    This was my first comment, so be nice.

  3. Param says:

    He did have Pakistani fast bowler hair when he was new. He face used to scare me then but he actually looks decent now.

  4. Govind Raj says:

    If reversing in T-20 qualifies for expertize in ball-tampering, then the best in that business is Malinga the Slinga. I have not seen anyone reverse it with a 2 overs and 3 balls old ball. Slinga did !

    Gul is perhaps one of the most under-rated bowlers simply because Sehwag somehow gets the better of him more often than not. And YOU being the Professor of Sehwagology have underestimated him. He is the finest and cleanest fast bowler from Pakistan against all batsmen except Sehwag !

  5. I respect him even more now, after that semi-final where he got belted by Sehwag! Was there ever a better sight in cricket?

    And the guy did have long hair once, but I think it was all a wig…..maybe he borrowed it from Akthar….

  6. There are very few Men around the globe who cares about their hair this much than Pakistani Men. in my Men-book, that is not Manly, but very artistic. They dye, shampoo, do highlights, perform proper care, what not!! and as JRod mention, their hair suppose to fly properly for fast pakistani bowlers, then and only then they matter!!! LOL!! Why!

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