Why cricket blogs matter

I am sure there are some who believe that Wisden putting a section devoted to blogging (although it was a small one this year when no bloggers faked their identity or death) is some sort of heresy.

“Women in the longroom, black people captaining the Windies and blogs in Wisden, it’s just not cricket.”

I think it’s necessary for cricket to have independent and unedited opinion, plus dick jokes.

Bloggers don’t often stumble across little unknown nuggets, but when they do, they’ll publish them.

The best example of this is happening right now.

This isn’t some fake IPL bullshit, this is the real deal.

The website is Wicbexpose.

It is essentially wikileaks just about the WICB.

On it you can find out that the Jamaican Cricket Association credit card was used for 700,000 on Burger King.

How Conde Riley declared he was resigning, but never actually resigned.

Ottis Gibson’s bullet points on why Chris Gayle is too stupid to captain.

And so many other little juicy tidbits that I am sure the WICB doesn’t want aired.

Before this I didn’t even know cricket administracrats are Burger King.

It’s brilliant blogging, and if I were to write a piece on blogs for next years Wisden, it would definitely get a mention even if it doesn’t post another post.

That’s what I love about blogs, that freedom to take the piss and say what you feel, if in this case you seem to be getting fed sensitive information daily, it makes it even more exciting.

The blogs I mentioned in Wisden this year were the old batsman, paddlesweep, bored cricket crazy indians, last of the summer whine, night watch girl, sacricketblog, the corridor, short of a length, the cricket watcher’s journal, cricket action art, ducking beamers, play for country not for self, thoughts from the dustbin, fantasy bob and if you can hack illegally through the times paywall there is cricket central.

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14 thoughts on “Why cricket blogs matter

  1. Howe Zat says:

    Regarding the blogs you wrote about – did you choose those because you think they’re the best? Or are they just the ones you had something interesting to write about?

    • jrod says:

      HZ, wasn’t a set format or anything, just tried to cover the more interesting blogs, the well known ones, the religiously updated and the ones that are very well written. I think the original list was far longer, but it was obviously taking up a fair bit of space.

  2. thanks for that link about WI. those Chutad chods have robbed cricket-heart of poor nation. leeching their own ppl. ass*les super douchy cuntards .. sigh ..

  3. yenjvoy says:

    I’m hurt that I did not make any one of your categories. I am going to religiously update with interesting dick jokes about cricket from now on. Wisden, here I cum. Cum! see what I did there? I slay myself. :-))

  4. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Thanks for the plug, and saying how it is. Some bloggers are too hesitant to express themselves and always worry about what the establishment might be thinking of them. Somebody needs to remind them that their blog is theirs.

  5. Rishabh says:

    can i get on the cwb ‘cricket blogs’ listing? i just saw the page!

  6. […] second J. Rod’s recommendation. Read WICB Exposé for the latest dirt on the West Indies Cricket Board, including a) what Otis […]

  7. Rishabh says:

    i thank thee! :D

  8. Sid says:

    That’s so great, thank you :-)

  9. The best thing about blogs is that they are unconfined by the financial structure that underpins and deadens much of the MSM. There’s a lot that are boring, but never because beancounters are asking how many beans they have. Of course, there’s lots of good cricket writing in the MSM, but if football is anything to go by (and it usually is) there’ll be less and less every year.

  10. Crownish says:

    No KingCricket?

  11. Hey Jrod, can you add my blog to the ‘cricket blogs’ section?

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