balls profile: kane williamson

People have never used the word moxy to describe Kane Williamson, mostly because they don’t use that word much anymore. Kane’s brief career has had innings of moxy involved, not big bad innings that make people weep, but just innings with a touch of moxy. His bowling is clearly a chuck. Now what he wants to do in his career is either learn to turn his innings from moxy to monumental, or never take a big haul of wickets so that the opposition get angry enough to mention that he chucks. Right at the moment his action resembles a young kid who is learning to throw darts, people have noticed it, they just don’t care yet. Can blow bubbles in gum while waiting for the bowler to come in. There is something about his forehead.

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One thought on “balls profile: kane williamson

  1. He looks exactly like a 15 year old boy doesn’t he? I’m sure he changed the date on his birth certificate!

    But the guy looks to be one of NZ future stars…. competing with sheep!

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