Why Adil Rashid’s 11 wickets prove he is not ready for International cricket

Before last week there were people lining up on every street corner in the UK explaining why Adil wasn’t ready for International cricket.

They generally pointed to the fact he was a roller not a spinner, that his consistency was poor, that he had a bad attitude and that he just needed to grow up a bit before he was considered a real international player.

Then he took 11 wickets, and some people saw this as proof he was now ready for international cricket.

They are wrong.

Here are the main reasons he is still not ready.

  • The England team wants a back up to Swanny, not a star. Taking 11 wickets over qualifies him for that position.
  • 11 wickets just proves that Adil is all about personal achievements and not team goals. Kent still won with Tredwell only taking 2/52, you don’t have to steal the headlines.
  • Sure he took 11 wickets, but he only made four, he just doesn’t bring enough facets of variety to the side. James Middlebrook might have only taken 3/138 in the match, but he made a hundred, Adil should look into that.
  • 11 wickets, means 11 wicket celebrations, which means 11 ways to show what a bad attitude he has.
  • Danny Briggs’ 5 wicket haul was for well over a hundred runs, showing that he had the fortitude to really ride out a long innings in a patient way. Unlike Adil who showed no patience at all and tried to get through the opposition as quick as possible.
  • Adil doesn’t show the innate class of a Batty or Dalrymple.
  • There was a real lack of maturity in his appealing, it lacked respect for the batsmen he had bamboozled.
  • Monty would have made his 11 wickets feel less obtrusive.
  • Clearly Adil is still a roller of the ball with little control, if the ball fizzed more he wouldn’t need 11 wicket hauls to get noticed.
  • Worcestershire are one of the weaker top Division teams, their batting is made of green jelly, and they all expected to collapse to pace and not spin. Confusing them when Adil came on.
  • Azeem Rafiq would have pushed his case on twitter.

11 wickets is ok, Adil, but there is no need to show off.

This is cricket, show a bit of respect for your elders, the opposition and the spirit of cricket.

No one likes a show off.

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3 thoughts on “Why Adil Rashid’s 11 wickets prove he is not ready for International cricket

  1. Merge says:

    Who cares. Blog about Shane Watson you atrophying dickhead.

  2. bat attitude..you mean he is a good batsman as well?:)

  3. Howe zat says:

    I want him playing for Yorkshire, not carrying drinks for England and maybe bowling three overs in some irrelevant T20.

    If he had a place lying open for him in the Test team go for it. But he doesn’t and neither do any of these others. He can wait.

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