Secret Ashes stuff from Gideon Haigh, Alan Tyers and Philip Pope

While you are waiting for the the pitch fork crowd to take down the ICC, you might want to enjoy a bit of reading.

Surprisingly, Gideon Haigh has a new cricket book.

I’ve only flicked through it for mentions of myself, it does seem light on for that, but you can feel how the balls has changed Gideon’s style and it does cover the Ashes in an intelligent kind of way.

If you’re into that.

Although, if you are going to buy only one Ashes book, you might want to wait a few weeks for another one. (Sorry, G-Dawg, but it’s all about the benjamins)

The cover is inspired by Darren Gough’s Strictly come dancing routine.

Alan Tyers has another book out with Beachy, and even though it still doesn’t have mentions of me, it’s clearly inspired by me, personally and professionally.

It’s a collection of unpublished player diaries, like ‘A beef history of time by Ian Botham’ and Langer Management.

There are drawings of the diaries overs inside the books, including an Ian Bell inspired one with a box on it.

And then, if you’re finished these two Ashes inspired books, or you can’t read big words, there is always the 7 disc compilation of the entire Ashes, called, The Ashes a complete collection.

It has an inside story disc, which has a mostly outside story from people you’ve already heard heaps from.

It also has a story about how a cricket ball is made, a bunch of footage edited together from stump cam which is far duller than I imagined it could be.

There’s a great section where you can look at people getting their head measured.

An explanation of hawkeye.

Slow motion footage for a while.

The best part is the WACA media centre tour, it’s hosted by Philip Pope, yes, the Popester, who you may remember from imaginary flights from Adelaide to Sydney, takes you around for a guided tour, can you believe it?

Plus there is seven disks of Trott, Cook and Hussey batting, what more could you want.

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6 thoughts on “Secret Ashes stuff from Gideon Haigh, Alan Tyers and Philip Pope

  1. Matt says:

    Cool gonna but those first 2
    How far off is your new book j rod…

  2. George says:

    I’m sorry but anyone who has reverence for John Howard is a racist pooch; that qualifies practically every Australian except the natives I suppose.

    Having said that, the worst Haigh can do while writing about the Ashes is … hmm he cant write anything bad; its England v Australia – who is he going to abuse?

    • jrod says:

      George, what I like about your comment is you sound far more racist than any Australians in, that is gold class satire, well played.

      DC, only looked for my name.

      Matt, I think late may early June, but not sure.

  3. Deep Cower says:

    I’ll buy the book if you will promise me there’s no reference to the BCCI.

  4. George says:

    hehe.. thanks jarrod

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