God hates the associates claims the ICC

The latest ICC press statement is rather clear:

“For such are false apostles,…. Such as those he had in view, who sought an occasion to depress him, and exalt themselves, and to get money from the ICC; these were “false apostles”, or apostles falsely so called; they had the name, but not the thing; they were not called and sent forth by Haroon; they had not the grace of apostleship, or gifts qualifying them for that high office; the power and authority they exercised was usurped by them; they could not prove their mission by true and real miracles; nor had they any seals of their apostleship”

God hates the Associates according to the Westboro Baptist branch of the ICC.

Ofcourse, the ECB hate the Irish. They’ve gone all colonial on them.

Kicking them out of the world cup, then banning the players they helped turf from speaking up out their injustice.

These days it’s called code of conduct. You may speak up, as long as we agree with what and how you say it.

I doubt Surrey, Glousteschire and the rest really care if their players are getting a little angry on twitter about a grave injustice, but the ECB is a fully fledged bureaucratic empire, they’ll strangle you with red tape.

And we now know that all ten test nations have a dagger in the back of Ireland.

This democratic institution that no cricket fan votes on, yet all fund, didn’t feel the need to vote Ireland out, they just all nodded their heads and it was done.

Ireland weren’t one of the associates at the meeting, I’m sure Bermuda and Scotland fought hard for them though.

The important thing is the next tournament will be shorter, if they go ahdead with their 92′ style ten team tournament, with each team playing nine games in qualifying, plus two semi finals, and one final.

That makes the 2015 world cup potentially one match shorter than the 2011 world cup.



This actually makes it all easier to take.

All the test playing nations are equally to blame, they’re all assholes, and the tournament has been shortened by a game.

If you still can’t take all this, feel free to continue to contacting the ICC, enquiry@icc-cricket.com or @cricketicc.

Or their corporate partners, pepsi, hyundai, castrol, money gram, reliance or reebok. (Thanks Gary)

Then there is the online petition, which you should all sign and send to friends. (Thanks Tim)

Everyone who is on facebook should also like the Cricket Ireland facebook page.

And if you do facebook, twitter, blogs, myspace, bebo, or anything like that, pimp out all this information, it might all be in vain, but perhaps a viral campaign will annoy them, make them think straight, or just get them thinking about things that happen outside their business class lounges.

Also feel free to use this, it’s ugly and badly made, but it does make a point.

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24 thoughts on “God hates the associates claims the ICC

  1. Just a perfect image !

  2. yenjvoy says:

    The resistance has begun! Rah rah! Nice. However, i think it is important to at least set clear objectives and goals – what is our desired end state. During the world cup, I read all sorts of feedback on a bunch of blogs, about the boring inter-associates matches, or the one sided and embarrassing full member vs associate games. Now suddenly there is an upswell, mainly because England nearly stumbled against Ryan Ten Inches and then Kevin O’Brien had the grace of God descend upon him in a once in a lifetime moment (dare I say the word fluke). Most of the protest is consequently centered around Holland and Ireland, but I do not see much support for Kenya, who were a really good side on the rise not so long ago, and whose cricket has been sliding badly over the last few years because of lack of any support from full members other than SA to some extent. Kenya have a strong school system and produce good young cricketers regularly, who wither in the English county system or retire early due to lack of opportunities and neglect. Further, World Cricket has bigger problems than promoting associates – Zimbabwe, which was a really competitive side at one point, sort of like a New Zealand 2, have slid down into life support status, and Pakistan is fast headed that way. The Bongs have stubbornly resisted any progress despite the generous Indian gift of test status, and seem wedded to mediocrity for the next 5 years at least. I have seen no other side as deep in denial about their real talent and ability as Bnagladesh. So, 30% of the full membership – the ICC’s core – is rotten anyway. Further, Cricket already struggles to find an audience or quality sportsmen in England. Can anyone dispute that if we gave full Test status today to Ireland and Holland, for example, England would struggle to find a team of 11 strong enough to beat even a full strength Ireland by the end of 2011. England would become another New Zealand (and that is best case).

    The World cup is not the place to address all these problems. What is more critical is to place cricket in the associate nations on a solid footing. For this, the goal should be to make Ireland, Holland, Kenya, Canada, Scotland and Afghanistan into a second tier Test league, along with Zimbabwe and Bangladesh, and set up a Test tour program for them to play each other regularly. The top 2 sides from this league should have a chance to participate in at least one 3 Test series against one of the top 8 sides once a year. Tests are marketable in England and Australia, so hold the games there. Secondly, the ICC should setup a funding mechanism tied to performance and ask the full members to support the associate sides with regular ODI games, either through 3 way or 4 way ODI series at least once a year. ODIs are profitable in the sub continent, so that is where these teams would have to play. The World Cup is not the place to subsidize these sides, and it should not be all about Ireland and Holland. There are 6 deserving sides out there, that need support NOW, for the current generation of cricketers, for cricket to survive and thrive in these new locations. Are we just supporting Ireland due to the Worldcup hangover? Maybe there should be a method to this madness?

  3. Piss off, you KOBish retard dip shits, Pakistan n Bob Woolmer was alright how the hell you tried to sink England? How you can even imagine to disturb perfect plan of Indian WC? You think you are good at playing cricket? Ask Haroon Logart. We bloody don’t care about your big round asses running around just shift yourself in some state of India or have some $$$$$ and we will Love you anytime. You know what Fuck Off just Fuck Off, who the Hell are YOU?

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  4. Oscar says:

    Its happened because the Indians said so. And what they say the South Asians do. And they’ve bought off the money hungry Aussies and Yarpies. India need to be on television more and they cannot go home early at any costs.
    I’m not one who buys it was good tournament anyway. It was just less shit than all the other over long, packed with meaningless games, world cups. Soccer has the right idea, groups of four and knock outs. But then India might get less games

  5. SimonC says:

    Here’s another one wot I made. It’s a very clever pun.

  6. Max says:

    @Oscar… are the ECB and CA nutless monkeys that they have to kowtow to the BCCI on everything?!

    Get real! Those 2 boards are now as ravenous as the BCCI. Or are 7 ODI series’ and 10 Ashes Tests almost back-to-back for the good of the game in England and Australia?

    As Jrod said, all the Test-playing boards have acted like ASSHOLES. And it is incumbent upon us fans to hold our individual representatives accountable.

    Viva la Associates!

  7. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Good to see you are still beating the drum. More people need to spread the word. Talk about it on your blogs, link to this post, guide your readers to the petition! Keep people from moving on!

  8. Thanks for the heads-up – linked the petition from our web site. Any move that potentially excludes a nearly 50 year old John Davison taking part in the next world Cup must be resisted

  9. Oscar says:

    ECB and BCCI don’t usually get on. Poms don’t like the fact the colonials run the game, even worse when its black colonials. And the Poms don’t need the Indians money as much so won’t toe the line. Witness the continuing fracas over Zimbabwe and the “Champions” League. If the ECB voted with the BCCI its to asset strip Ireland not because they are cheap whores like most cricket boards.
    7 ODIs too much? Yes. Too many Ashes test? No. There is no such thing as too much competitive test cricket.

  10. anand says:

    evryone is fucked up………full stop.

  11. Masuud says:

    Tough to decide who bedded each other? Lorgat and Giles Clarke? Or Modi with the two?

  12. Masuud says:

    On a serious note, all things aside, the point of lower division cricket suddenly looks useless. 105 members, my fucking arse. Add to it the irony of Afghan cricket’s fascinating progress. Limiting it to farcical T20 WC – best recipe for bleedy commercialism.

  13. knowledge_eater says:

    @ yenjvoy So, since ODI wasn’t ‘thrilling’ enough by associates but test among associates would be easy to sell!!?

    Associates must be in WC, because more than enough money is made there compare to any global multi-nation cricket tournaments. And that money is shared among Boards. That portion of the money is big boost to associates, their surviving income. yes? or no?

    So fuck the thrill or skill or not good enough crap, our game is like that, share the fucking money, after constant financial support, in few years you will see growth in their cricket.

    @ Oscar India controls the viewing market. But all decisions are taken together. India can easily survive by just playing among their states, others can’t. If India was so selfish, then they could have just said no to many meaningless tournaments. But, they aren’t. So, let’s go easy on the blaming game.

    an example:

    shared by @HomerTweets

  14. Jayne says:

    For what it’s worth I Twitted @cricketicc twice today

    @cricketicc Mission is solely “Optimising its commercial rights and properties for the benefit of its (full) Members.” @minnows4CWC2015

    @cricketicc You have made a mockery of the values listed on your web site. #CWC2015 @minnows4CWC2015

    Good on ya Michael Vaughan and Andrew Flintoff for speaking up for giving the associates a chance.

  15. yenjvoy says:

    knowledge_eater, I wrote that during the world cup I read blogs calling interassociate matches boring or matches between full members and associates as one sided, by the same people who are loudly protesting the ICC decision now. Personally, I am all in favor of keeping the world in world cricket, and actually I quite enjoyed the associate teams. They are often amateurs, and for them to even compete on this stage against top professionals is often reward enough. However, I feel that a lot of this current protest is being driven by emotion for Ireland largely. In fact, if the iCC had said Zimbabwe out and Ireland in, I bet 80% of these protesters would be quite content and there would be no outrage. If that happened however, it would be a travesty. Zimbabwe needs protection. Pakistan needs protection. At the same time, the associates need support. I just don;t know if inviting them to play a few games every 4 years is enough. I would prefer to see annual series against full member sides, or even A sides from full members.
    However, the bigger question is how to develop the sport and place it on a sound footing in the associates. The reason Bangladesh is in and Ireland is not, is due to the simple fact that Bangladeshis are nuts about Cricket while the Irish don;t even know they have a team. In other words, Bangladeshis will buy stuff if their cricketers tell them to. The Irish will not even recognize Kevin O’Brien on a billboard. The sport cannot grow unless supported from within the country. ICC sponsorship – basically subsidizing of the associates by the full members (many of whom are hurting themselves, so read largely subsidy by India of the associates) can only go so far. It can be seed money, but the impetus and investment has to really come from within. The market has to get behind the sport, and the sport must gain public recognition and support in the domestic market. Cricket in Ireland cannot survive, because even if a full strength Team India goes there for a series (as they did), the bulk of the crowd at the ground, as well as the TV audience, is made up of Indian supporters. You can protest, make fun of the iCC and call it names all you want, but until the Irish get behind the sport, it will not grow. Same goes for Canada, Kenya, Scotland, Afghanistan, Holland etc.
    So, largely, I agree with the ICC decision to exclude them from the world cup. I would however like to see the rest of the story – what is the plan to grow the sport in these countries – bilateral series, future tours, 2 Tier Test championship, tri or quadrilateral series etc. That will work. A quadriennial humiliation junket in the world cup is not going to work. It is what happens in the 4 years between world cups that is more important for these nations.

  16. the best solution is to get Lalit Modi to champion this cause…nothing will rile the BCCI and ICC more!

  17. yenjvoy says:

    Not even snide one liners?

  18. Russ says:

    yenjvoy, the intra-associate matches were only boring because they didn’t count for anything. The structure of the groups meant that both were pointless in the grand scheme of things. But it doesn’t have to be the case, as I’ve said many times, more teams means more competitive groups at the line of qualification.

    I’d urge everyone with an interest in the point of world cup to go back and read a blog post from last year about the football world cup. Because they aren’t about winning, or watching two equals compete; they are about a progressive narrative; a computer game where every level is that little bit harder, and after the first couple of rounds, you only get one chance.

    The world cup just gone SUCKED for narrative, because the group stages had 6 (of 42) decisive games, at most (NZ-Zim, Ban-WI, Eng-WI, Ban-Ire, Ire-WI, Ban-RSA). Even then, the loser mostly kept going. A 10 team world cup will be many times worse again.

  19. Adrian says:

    Here’s what they wrote back to me: I wonder what ‘duly noted’ actually means, and whether this is an automated response.

    Dr Kelly,

    Thanks for your email. Your comments are duly noted.

    Kind regards,
    James Fitzgerald

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Adrian Kelly
    Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2011 10:42 PM
    To: Enquiry

    Dear sirs,

    your decision to exclude the Associate nations from the next World Cup is shortsighted and misguided. It does nothing for the development of cricket in non-traditional markets, it ignores the tremendous efforts that these nations make to compete at the highest level, and discriminates against those without the financial and fanbase clout to get your attention.

    You must reverse this decision, for the good of cricket.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Adrian Kelly

  20. yenjvoy, Sigh! Ok, your point make sense now. Brutal truth.I know what you mean by saying that associates’ own local public must support their own players by showing up for the game more than anything. This was the same concern recently I was thinking about, that why is it that only India has to play you so you can make more money, don’t other countries love their cricket too! shouldn’t their boards build up proper stage or attract more people by organizing better tournament!

    After seeing all this, only proper rescue I can see for associates is for their inclusion in IPL T20 or actually Champions League T20 expansion. I mean they should be allowed to include any players around the Globe, they don’t have to be Irish or Canadian or Afghani, and let them put their team in World Stage. And I am sure ‘certain talent’ who can’t afford to play cricket under ‘ICC FTP for associates’ due to not enough income, they can easily prepare and show up for just few weeks of CL T20. But, forcing them to get their Test status is just not the way I am looking at, because if they aren’t good enough in ODI they certainly can’t compete or make it attractive test team. Anyway, personally, I would do their inclusion in CL, expand that league, and reduce number of ODI so FTP can be adjusted.

    Team that have lengthy and better domestic structure can only survive and are doing very good at World Stage as well. e.g India, Australia, England, SA, Pakistan etc. If you see their number of matches they play, it certainly helps talent to grow properly. And you can’t do that with associates so include them in to global-domestic leagues. Because ICC won’t.

  21. yenjvoy says:

    And btw JRod, God, as in Sachin, most certainly does not hate the associates. God in fact does not even hate Afridi, who called Indians small hearted the other day. God simply does not have an opinion on matters like this. The ICC, if they claimed any such thing in God’s name, may feel the wrath of God’s pope on earth, Sharad Pawar, or the Archangel Ravi Shastri.

  22. […] people, making good observations about the ICC wanting to rid the World Cup of minnows including: Cricket With Balls: God Hates Associates Claims ICC! but the most important is signing the petition to keep the “world” in the world cup: […]

  23. Balaji says:

    to me

    show details 19:04 (22 minutes ago)

    Dear Balaji,

    Thank you for your email on the recent ICC Board decision on the ICC CWC 2015.

    The contents of your email as have been duly noted.

    Kind regards,
    Lucy Benjamin

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