The ICC takes the world out of the World Cup: Fight for your right to Borren

The ICC is a group of upwardly static fools that make cricket administracrats look like an inbred cult that only feed on farm animals with manners. These people shouldn’t be allowed to watch the cricket, let alone over officiate it.

They don’t hate the associates, they hate cricket.

And if they thought that by banning associates the chance to even try to qualify for the next world cup everyone would roll over and play dead, then they are even more incompetent than every other stupid decision they’ve made shows them to be.

Only the ICC could ruin a tournament this well just because of a simple inability to plan it better.

The ICC is giving the ten test nations automatic entry into their invitational ODI tournament, even if they don’t deserve it.

Ireland are the 10th ranked ODI side in the world. That isn’t my ranking, or yours, or even Casey Kasem’s, it’s the ICC’s.

The ICC thinks Ireland is the 10 best ODi side in world cricket, but they can’t play in the world cup, they can’t play off for the world cup, they probably can’t even mention the word world cup without paying the ICC in the blood for a pre-teen virginal boy.

Ireland, The Netherlands, Kenya and Canada might as well quit ODI cricket for the next eight years, they clearly aren’t wanted.

Why funnel money to them, why encourage them, why even call them cricketers.

Let’s stop trying to grow the game, and just lock up shop.

I think we can cull it further though. Why do we need zimbabwe or bangladesh, and England has never even won it.

Pakistan without Imran are no hope, West Indies are finished, New Zealand just clog up the semis.

Australia, Sri Lanka and India all get in for winning in modern times, and South Africa get in just for laughs.

That seems as fair as what the ICC has done.

I’m not about to sit around while cricket turns itself back into an incestuous fascist dictatorship run by a bunch of semi professional failed wannabe politicians.

We’ve been there, it wasn’t that much fun.

So here is the email address of the ICC, it says it is for enquiries, so enquire why they thought it was a good idea to take the world out of the world cup.

Ofcourse, being the modern cutting edge dynamic enterprise they are, they also have a twitter feed. Their current question is what is the best game of the tournament. Tell them what you really think about them and what the best game of the tournament was including the associates.

You might be saying, contacting them will do no good, why bother.

That is fine, and you’re more than welcome to do nothing at all, but if the ICC are going to be this arrogant and stupid, I think the least we can do as cricket fans is make sure how many of us actually feel this way.

Remember this, the next world cup may not have the world’s tenth ranked side or Peter Borren.

So do whatever you want with the two links I gave you, but don’t find yourself mumbling in a few years…

First they came for the associates and I did not speak out because I was not an associate.

Then they came for the Zimbabweans and I did not speak out because I was not a Zimbabwean.

Then they came for the Bangladeshis and I did not speak out because I was not a Bangladeshis.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

That is how Fascists work, and that is what this is. This may not be about saving your life, or the lives of jews, communists or trade unionists, but it is about saving a piece of your cricket.

Or at the very least, letting the bastards in charge know that you are angry.

Put on your best Borren face and get in touch with them.

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56 thoughts on “The ICC takes the world out of the World Cup: Fight for your right to Borren

  1. Param says:

    @everybody writing paragraphs to ICC, know that your emails are most probably being deleted at the sight of the subject line.

  2. juro says:

    I’ve sent off a couple emails to the ICC and Cricket Australia, questioning how the decision fits in with their mission statements (you know, all the warm and fuzzy stuff about the ‘spirit of cricket’). I’m thinking I should write to the IOC next, asking them to revoke their decision to include cricket as and Olympic sport…

  3. Well, the ICC must have seen the World Cup go by without a significant hitch and thought to themselves, “Not upto form, we were, eh?” Disgusting decision. As an Indian am ashamed if BCCI had something to do with it. Ireland not getting in is an absolute disaster.

    Planning to write to ICC. However something more needs to be done. How about having banners supprting associates on grounds when India is playing England. If ICC in their ambush marketing craze actually prevent these banners from fluttering, more publicity.

    Heck, we can even canvas for this during the IPL. World Cup needs the Irish and other such capable teams.

  4. Pricky says:

    yenjvoy, do you realise who benefits the most from Irish & Dutch players not being able to reach the world cup through their country?

    Yeah, it is India who are desparately short of decent players that they’ll poach on Dockerel, Stirling, O’ Briens., Doeschates, Kervezees etc.

    The blindspot to the ECB’s role by some of you is mind-blogging. It is always the evil BCCI, eh?

    There is a reason why jrod titled this post with ICC (and not BCCI). Chew on it

  5. pine says:

    Fired my e-mail off, i’m livid.


    I’ll keep it short and sweet. What is the point of having a world cup if minnow teams are automatically excluded? Why even try to grow cricket worldwide if you are automatically cutting off the participation of any developing cricketing nations and stopping them from having the opportunity to play against the best in the world and show their talent and love of the game to punters globally. The games i most enjoyed from the 2011CWC were the early group stages. I would rather watch games from one of my domestic series or something else like AFL or Super 14 rugby than sit through a lengthy and neutered world cup. As far as I’m concerned, the number one responsibility of the ICC is to grow this awesome sport.

    We support the smaller nations, how about the ICC do the same?

  6. Jarron says:

    Dear ICC
    How can the 2015 World Cup be a World Cup, when every team is automatically qualified? How is it, that there is 105 member nations apart of the ICC and yet you only let 10 nations into the World Cup! Learn from the Fifa World Cup, they let more countries get involved not less!!! Thanks for giving the associates nothing to work for, you have officially pissed me off!

    PS: Letting more teams into the T20 world cup is NOT COMPENSATION for this ridiculous act of cruelty!!!

    Please sign the petition at

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