Make dot balls not war

This could have been the game to end all games.

But Pakistan were clever, whether it be the water, prisoners or Kashmir, they knew a polite loss was better for them.

Some will doubt this, they’ll think that Pakistan were just not good enough.

The truth is the Pakistan government sent in two diplomats in their middle order, and they did their job to cool the contest down so much that by the end there would be no problems.

This was disappointing to me.

To the sickos who like that sort of peace and hand holding stuff, this was a victory.

To me this game lacked the sort of hyperbolic anger I was hoping for.

Sure Sehwag preached quickly, Sachin’s innings was slapstick, and the Pakistan innings had a buried alive kind of feel, but it didn’t feel that explosive.

For Indian fans, they don’t care how they got there, as long as they do.

For Pakistan fans, they’ve got more important things to think about, like whether Rehman Malik is watching them.

Malik is watching me right now.

It’s creepy.

He’s far more aggressive than the Pakistani batsmen.

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13 thoughts on “Make dot balls not war

  1. jay says:

    I just got informed by a friend who I recommended this site to that you are a racist and so am I. I headbutted the phone. You owe me a new phone, racist.

  2. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Classical case of “didn’t live up to the hype”. I think people expected too much. All the ear-deafening hysteria. What happened was simply a struggle for survival at a semi final… a bit of inhibition here and there in fear of mistakes; but since those that were going to start some fireworks also departed relatively quickly, the battle became more like a tug of war than a bull fight.

  3. Horatius says:

    You’ve rediscovered your touch UncleJ. This one is a were cruising for a while there. I thought you were suffering from Misbahitis.

  4. Wouldn’t be surprised if Rehman Malik’s comments put extra pressure on the Pak players…

  5. Cliff says:

    It’s a LBW LAW, not rule Jrod, get a grip man, you are better than that!

  6. […] is him coming back to life. If you’re ready to laugh about the match yesterday read: & then if you wish to read Nadir Hassan’s take on win/lose scenario written before the […]

  7. RS Radio says:

    Note to Pakistan: going down in flames is a hell of a lot more entertaining and respectable than going down with a whimper.

    You bastards are supposed to be mercurial.

  8. Aamer Jamal says:

    as a pakistani fan i totally disagree with the writer, perhaps i must says enough is enough from english media if they can’t play dont put your misery on our team thanks but no thanks.

  9. Lolly says:

    That comment could count for the Aussies though. They can’t play anymore either.

  10. jogesh99 says:

    Crappiest Indo-Pak match ever. The word on the streets was that the Pakis had to lose, they would never be allowed to play in Mumbai and stay at the Taj – the Shiv Sena goons had been primed.
    Umar Gul’s 6 ball leg-side feed to Sehwag – bit dodgy, dont you think. And did Misbah end up 36 n.o. by any chance?

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