Clarke won’t captain a team with Ponting in it

That isn’t my statement, although I also thought it was true before today.

That was a headline from 31st of December.

The question someone asked Michael Clarke was if he would captain Australia with Ponting in it.

“No. I’ve always said from day one Ricky Ponting is my leader, my captain, and I’m certain he’ll be back captaining ASAP.”

What has changed in that time.

Well, Ricky Ponting is now not his leader, because he has stepped down.

Is it that simple.

Did Michael Clarke really mean,

“No. Ricky is my captain now, and while he is captain I can’t be, because we both can’t be captains at the same time.  We both can’t be sitting in the same chair.”

Or did he mean,

“I’ll never captain Ricky, he scares me to death.”

Or even,

“I won’t captain him until he makes a public statement retiring from the job but wants to stay on batting.”

Now, because of Ricky’s semi retirement, Clarke is going to take over a team with Ponting in it. Probably.

The person who told him off in Perth, all of three tests ago, the man who was default coach, default selector, and iron fisted captaining grouch and one of the greatest players the country as produced.

You could understand why someone like Clarke wouldn’t want to captain Ponting.

Yet now Ponting has stepped down from the top job and thrown the ball back into Clarke’s court.

What will Clarke do?

Can he walk into the job, swing his power around and say, sorry old man, this is the future, you are the past, thanks, but no thanks.

Or should he try and look like he doesn’t give a shit about Ricky, that he has hardly noticed Ricky even exists, and that Ricky is just another face in the crowd that Michael Clarke needs to mould in order to bring Australia back to glory.

The third option is for Clarke to get hypnotised and so that instead of seeing Ponting he sees Walter Matthau grumbling in the corner of the changeroom.

I think it’s great that Ponting thinks so much of Clarke that he is willing to really test him at the start of his reign as captain.

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8 thoughts on “Clarke won’t captain a team with Ponting in it

  1. heather says:

    Oh, this happens all the time with England and they have a decentish Test team.

  2. Howe Zat says:

    Perhaps he thinks that so long as Ponting is in the team, he’ll be the de facto captain anyway.

  3. rusty says:

    So what if Ponting is in the team? It’ll be a test of Pup’s character if he can captain Ponting successfully.

    After all, everyone goes on about how easy it was for Punter to captain a team with McGrath, Warne and co. but I seriously doubt it was easy from the inside, since McGrath, Warne and co. all had such big mouths and egos to match.

  4. Alvaro_FSS says:

    Michael Clarke should bat Ricky Ponting at eight and make him field short leg. And leave a big steaming shit in his kit coffin.

  5. Ben says:

    two points. if ponting is not captain he has not alot to offer the team. As he is struggling to put bat to ball.

    Clark on the other hand should not even be in the side. If anyone else had the same run with the bat he has had then then they would not even get a game in district. But instead he gets the captain gig. here is all the proof you need that he struggles with captaining in general. Does anyone remember this. or was it all swept under the carpet.

  6. Rusty says:

    @ Rusty – great point mate (and no, I’m not agreeing with myself here)

    @ Ben – another great point – or points … I was visiting home last year and was at that match, one of the worst displays of captaincy I have ever seen, field placements were terrible, bowling changes just strange, time wasting galore … plus he shouldn’t have played in the final 4 tests of the Ashes anyway.

    Jrod – another great article mate … although I thought you were a little tough on Punter yesterday, he was the best Australian batsman in the Indian series last year – got injured, then had a shit Ashes …

  7. Pete says:

    Clarke should move Ponting to 7 and get him to bowl 3 overs of legspin a match

  8. Lolly says:

    By never, he meant never. Due to his obsession with technology, he doesn’t really get the whole time thing. He thought never meant till the end of the year.

    He’ll be ok as a captain. Should bat Punter at 4 or 6 and himself at 5 in the test team. Let’s see if he’s got the front to do that. If he has, he’ll do ok.

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