Ricky, take a bow

Ricky could have just stayed and waited to die in this game.

Instead he gave it one last go.  That’s Ricky.

With no legs, and his bloody stumps leaking blood all over the place, Ricky pulled ten largely lifeless bodies out of the dungeon, up the stairs, past the boobie trapped shot guns, over the crocodile infested moat and truck he found in the woods.

It was an amazing effort considering how close he was to death as well.

The problem for Ricky was that there were no keys to the truck.

He was just stuck there with the ten other blokes waiting for the killers to come and end him.

The waiting looked like it pained him, but when this all ended, as much as he fought to survive, he must have felt some relief.

Ricky, it’s over, there’s nothing left.  You can leave now, it’s ok, we won’t mind.  Your effort was special,yet it just doesn’t matter anymore.  This is no longer your problem.  There is now nothing you can do other than retire.  If you can drag out a hundred with a broken finger and still lose comfortably there is nothing left for you to do here.  It’s someone else’s job. No one said you had to keep playing until Australia gets good again, you’re entitled to retiring as much as anyone else with 3 world cups, a host of series victories and some demon batting performances.

Your work here is all done, get a gold watch off James Sutherland, ask Channel 9 for a job and play a bit of celebrity golf.

Ricky, thanks and good luck in the future.

Let the next guy try and drag his team mates out of the dungeon while your enjoying a cold one in a corporate box.

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34 thoughts on “Ricky, take a bow

  1. sheen says:

    I always imagine he’s dragging those 10 peiples while sticking his middle finger up to all his enemy. Gotta admire the spirit. Take a bow.

  2. Balaji says:

    The amazing tendency to hit off detractors every single time till yesterday proves the master class of Ricky! But generally being on the downslide becoz of the losses the team suffered, Ricky must be feeling like how SRT felt his whole life!

    Hats off Punter!! You are a WC Legend!!

  3. nick says:

    Sachin been draging whole indian team from last 20 years while Ponty just did it ONCE.

    anyway who should be the next captain???

  4. yenjvoy says:

    I hate his guts but I like his pluck. He’s true to his own self, and that’s all anyone ever need be. Why are people in so much of a hurry to see him retire anyway? He has cricket left in him. Best to take time off now and get that surgery and rehab taken care of. Let fucking pup carry the team to Bongladish. He deserves that dubious honor. Retire from captaincy and keep on playing for another 2 years at least if not longer. Of course, listening to good advice was never Ricky’s strong suit.

  5. Absolutely spot on! Nothing more Punter could have done today….he played an innings worthy of a great last stand….ultimately, I hope he decides to go gracefully before he is pushed…

  6. Govind Raj says:

    A bloody mean Champion Cricketer if ever there was one.

    I too believe he shouldn’t suffer any more. Those who played with him and hated to lose and those who earned and treasured the baggy green are all long gone. Brett Lee perhaps the lone survivor with Ponting.

    In an era when North, South, East and West can play for Australia; Ponting doesn’t belong there.

    I call what we Indians and perhaps all outside Australia feel for Ponting: “Hateful Admiration” !

  7. Golandaaz says:

    Ricky Ponting is the new Sachin Tendulkar

  8. jogesh99 says:

    Marvel at the magic of the Umpire Review – it made even Ponting pretend that he did not know whether he had taken that obvious bump catch – instead of self-righteously claiming it – as is the true Ausse way. Yup, his era surely is done!

    Oh yeah, big deal – a typical gutsy, ugly Ponting innings – like its a surprise. As a magnanimous friend remarked when he reached 50 – its his last Wolrd Cup innings, let him get a 100.

    And something the white pricks watching the match on TV wouldnt even have noticed – the look of concern on every spectators face when Lee walked off bleeding. In Australia or SA, they would have been jeering an injured opponent.

    With Modi watching, my sentimernts were divided, i would have been quite thrilled even if Australia had won. I remember Inzamam’s last ball 4 to win in in Ahmedabad many years ago – again Modi was watching, and it was small justice.

  9. Sach says:

    He looked a lone man out there in the field; every single one of his team mates had let him down. It was so disheartening to see.

    Ricky should go while’s he’s still good.

  10. Raghu says:

    There is absolutely no doubt about Ponting’s class and achievements. He has had a stupendous career, second to maybe only Lara and Tendulkar. While he may never be named the Fairest player of aLL TIME HE WILL BE FOREVER REMEMBERED FOR HIS BRAND OF HARD uncompromising cricket.

    I remember that he relished bringing down great players from their exalted positions…he never gave Brian Lara the respect he deserved and mocked Lara during his final years in cricket…how fitting that he too is a spent force as a Captain and player…it was actually gratifying to see him struggle against part time bowlers and frown his way from the slips at his players poor show.

    That apart a great batsman and a brilliant fielder. I dont think there is any merit in the calls for his retirement. He is still heads and shoulders above the rest of Aussie cricket. With his remarkable fitness he cud well play another five years.

  11. Akshay Tickoo says:

    Well isn’t it funny that what goes around, comes around..
    In the 90’s it used to be Tendulkar getting ridiculed as to not being able to make his team win despite scoring a 100, when Australia would get handy partnerships *yet no big scores* and leave it to the lefty Bevan to finish it all off.
    Now it was the best batsman from Australia, Ponting who got a great 100, but was still on the loosing side, when no one in the Indian team got close to his score. With another lefty Yuvraj *still no where in the same league as Bevan though* finished off the team.
    Well got a question though, knowing Cameron Whites bad patch with the bat, why wasnt David Hussey promoted to bat over him?? Could have easily resulted in 20-30 more runs for Aust. Then when White would be needed to bat, he would just have one option to go and hit, which might just have helped him too..
    Well one thing for sure, Im not complaining about it all :)

  12. raghu says:

    @Jogesh99 – Not sure about the Saffers. The spectators faces – yes , they did tell a story , but you also have to take into consideration that Lee is generally liked by the Indian Crowd.

  13. Jax says:

    Well said J, I think he really, really should retired before he’s pushed. But what a damn fine knock!

  14. poopsie says:

    And take LeeTHAL with you!

  15. raghu says:

    Did Australia Choke ?

  16. ElishaCook says:

    @jogesh99: Oh, I see, you’re a racist.

  17. raj says:

    Ponting would have been thrilled if Austarlia lost just because the match was being played in a state whose chief minister is not to his liking?

  18. Deep Cower says:

    “Jogesh, the funny thing is, you and ricky have pretty much the same personalities.”

    So whenever you say good bye to one of the greatest players in our era, Ricky pops in and bitches too? Never would have guessed that.

  19. horatius says:

    Ponting was a cockroach. I am not known for loving cockroaches. But I’ll be damned if he wasn’t the baddest fucking cockroach I’d ever seen. One has to respect that.

    Farewell, you magnificient bastard.

  20. horatius says:

    Could never get myself to hate Lee. He’s a true gentleman, except for the rare occassions where the shattered some poor sap’s coccyx unintentionally.

  21. ElishaCook says:

    I can’t get myself to hate Lee because he scares the hell out of batsmen everywhere.

  22. steve says:

    For all his flaws, I just don’t see anyone esle coming up in Australian Cricket with his stature. Only Katich, Lee and Hussey have any of his never-say-die doggedness, and they’re all going soon, too. The new gen are all puppies and metrosexuals. No wonder we’re going down.

    And can we now get over Shaun Tait – forever?


    I’ve never seen an Indian look concerned about anybody else in my life. Indians don’t do concern.

  23. raghu says:

    @Steve , You are welcome to visit India and find out for yourself.

    Jrod – the post – Raghu • Mar 25, 2011 @05:25 was not made by me. Was it made by someone with the same name – or ?

  24. jogesh99 says:

    Jrod, and you and Tony Greig, perhaps?
    But deep down you’ll always be lily-white to me.

    Deep Cower/ Elisha/Assorted Aussie turds,
    – that you can even identify with Ponting says plenty about your culture.

    Steve, nah, dont bother – this place is too complex for your uni-dimensional mind.

  25. raghu says:

    “In some ways we performed to expectations in this World Cup. People did not expect us to win and we didn’t,” – ROFL

  26. Lolly says:

    joges, the fact that you come on the site as such a bilious keyboard warrior says plenty about you and only you.

  27. ElishaCook says:

    @jogesh99: “Aussie turds”? No, I’m 100% Indian. But this highlights my point about your racism.

  28. Deep Cower says:

    Jogs, I am Indian too. What makes you think I am Aussie?

  29. at and t says:

    @jogesh99 :: Marvel at the magic of the Umpire Review – it made even Ponting pretend that he did not know whether he had taken that obvious bump catch – instead of self-righteously claiming it – as is the true Ausse way. Yup, his era surely is done!

    you cudn’t have summed it better, a cheat all his cricketing life.

  30. Matt says:

    Jogshoe, perhaps aptly named, not completely lacking the ability to move but destined to be slower than the rest of us, and bitter for it… Pls ignore the following if outrageous fllamery upsets.
    Jogshoe, you are and embarrassment to yourself and your culture.

    Re the Lara, kallis temdulkar comparisons, let us not forget that pointing is the only one to succeed at length and maintain his game as captain. Lara and tendulkar just couldn’t manage it, kallis never bothered. Lara never had the cattle, but tendulkar did.

    Here’s hoping pointing will accede dropping the captaincy and a couple of places in the batting order and have the same late flowering that kallis and tendulkar are enjoying.

    I’m not saying that kallis and tendulkar are lesser players. Ok I am sayIng that about kallis, but let’s not assume that tendulkar is a greater player he’s had much less responsibilityvthan pontifng. I think they are equally great.

  31. unconcerned indian says:

    “I’ve never seen an Indian look concerned about anybody else in my life. Indians don’t do concern”

    and aussies know a thing or two about concern, hmm?? brett lee bowling a deliberate beamer at 150 kmph aimed at the batsman’s face and his look of ‘concern’ and ‘genuine’ apology immediately afterwards, yes, says a lot about aussie concern. fuckwits. glad you crashed out of the competition. and deservingly at the hands of those who dont do concern.

  32. raj says:

    Reg indians and concern, there was this time when Srinath, probably accidentally, for it was beyond him to be ungentlemanly, hurt Ponting and went down to apologise with genuine concern only for Ricky to spray abuse. That was funny. Ricky’s a great guy. He gets away with all sorts of behaviour that others(especially Asians) will be fined/[punished and cumulatively banned for. I will always remember Ricky for his ability to lord over the ICC Code of Conduct and twist it to his will. And still emerge with a victim mentality at the end of it all. Hats off, mate.

  33. Suprise says:

    Oh fuck me, cue the never ending list of slights against Indian and or other wheat coloured chaps from around the world by those nasty Australians.

    Go Sri Lanka!

    Go Murali! (still a chucka but we love you).

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