Dear World Cup TV Cricket Producers,

I understand that in this rapidly changing world with technological advances, my space being unused and mobile devices taking over that the need to engage with younger audiences  with something that fees seems fresh and unique in an edgy kind of way is important. I really do.

Also I can see why when filming the world cup you’d like to look like you are the leaders of cricket coverage, and thusly you need a way to show it. I mean this is the world cup, and you’re the chosen ones, this could be your one chance to really make your name.

However, if you think that by showing every free hit from a stupid angle you are doing anything other than annoying people, you’re so far beyond simply being fucked in the head that you should invent a mircowave that you can stick your head into it so they radio waves can still turn your head into a mushy mess that no one would like to eat.

If you use this angle one out of three times, or even experiment with other angles (perhaps behind the batsman?), you might find something worthwhile, but the low mid off and mid on camera that makes it hard to instantly pick up what is going on the first time you see it, and every other time you see it the world cricket world swears at you in unison.

You see, and you should know this, for almost 30 years cricket has been shown from straight behind the umpire’s head.  People like this.  If this angle was poor, it wouldn’t have lasted this long.  If you can find a better angle, we’ll like that too.

Instead what you have done is given us a poor angle, and then stuck with it even when it’s impossible to believe that anyone likes it, and if they do, it’s only because their head is permanently on the same stupid angle and for the first time they’re seeing cricket like the rest of us always do.

It’s the sticking with it that gets to me. We’ve had about 300 games of this world cup, there has been a few free hits in that time, yet I’m still to see one because of this stupid dutch tilt free hit angle.

Just show us the cricket the best way you can.

Save the wacky angles for replays and montages.

I don’t want innovation in the coverage of the world cup, I want to see every ball bowled in the best possible way, not most of them in the best possible way and then some of them from a stupid angle that means that I won’t see exactly where the ball has pitched, or what it did off the pitch, or understand what the batsman has done with his feet.

However, if this free hit angle was just a ruse to stop us from noticing that the commentators you’ve picked have been lobotomised mid or pre tournament, then I can only marvel at the TV cricketing slight of hand you have pulled off.




5 thoughts on “Dear World Cup TV Cricket Producers,

  1. Carrot says:

    Huh – they’re doing it deliberately? I saw one of those the other day and thought it was bad directing. That’s REALLY stupid.

  2. Phred says:

    Hear hear. Why on earth would these morons actually believe in such a ridiculous angle? Walk about nullifying the cricket itself.

  3. wolf says:

    Their persistence at using the low angle is as inexplicable as Pakistans decision not to take a sledgehammer to Kamran Akmals leg so they can bring in a replacement.

  4. Pete says:

    i want ball cam, one on the cricket ball, one on the player’s balls

  5. Krishna says:

    I am least worried about the angles.. but what ticks me off are the MILLION advertisements in each match. When the bowler is walking back to his mark, 3/4th of the screen is covered with ads.. the pitch is super-imposed with an ad digitally, if a six is hit – they immediately cut to an ad .. the entire viewing experience is lost and most of the commentary too :(

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