Pinch the ICC, because this aint real

The ICC host their most important tournament.

Along with the local authorities, they do everything they can to make sure the players and officials are safe and secure.

Then a guy walks in who speaks English and the let him out on the ground and give him a press pass.

The guy, Syed, just walks into a ground, says Pakpassion and it’s all ok.

You can read his account of it here (EDIT: Quite smartly this guy has taken this link down, proudly announcing you’ve tricked the ICC the day before the game is not the smartest move) he relives it in minute detail, even about his trip to Kandy to see Buddha’s tooth and how they wouldn’t let him in with shorts on (same thing happened to me).

Syed has some courage, and I love the story, but what does this say about the security at these grounds when this guy is out in the middle, taking photos of the players and the pitch,without a press pass, and then is given one because well, other journalists who had just met him have asked for it to be pushed through.

He could be a date rapist, or a Christian rapper, the ICC don’t know, all he used for ID was the name of a well known website.

So if you’re at to the World Cup, and you’re thinking of using my site’s name to get into the ground illegally, go for it.

The ICC now condone this.

All I went is pictures of you sniffing Ramiz Raja’s hair on the ground.

Ofcourse, if you get arrested, shot or beaten by Peter Borren, the comments about you going into the ground an saying cricket with balls was meant purely as a satirical joke on the afore mentioned incident.

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  1. Offended Pasta God says:

    Its sad that the infamous green ghetto gets this kind of recognition :

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