Nice try, Australia, but you still suck at playing spin

You thought you could get away with it.

I bet Ricky is cackling as we speak.

“Dudes, it’s easy, just get a patsy to tell the ICC that we fixed the game, and no one will noticed how bad we are at moving around the spinners”.

Yeah, well I’m not falling for it.

All this talk of laughing, and laughing cats, is a nice cover, but I can’t help but think that something is shitty in Denmark.

Even if the ICC were looking into your performance, it’s leaking is probably due to some PR maintenance from someone super stylish like Philip Popester.

Now I think about it, even that TV story is shaky.

And Douggie’s injury.

All of these occurrences have been faked to keep people from talking about how bad Australia plays spin.

If it weren’t evil it would be genius.

These sly motherfuckers have been working the media over so damn well that they should be the ones teaching the batsmen how to manipulate the ball into gaps.

Without these three stories people might be asking if a top five with three batsmen who are essentially boofers and not batsmen could struggle in the world cup to find the singles they need to build the big totals.

Instead, we talk about spot fixing, boxes hitting TVs and whatever injury Douggie has today.

Very clever, but we’re onto you now, and we know you’re going to try pussy out with the excuses and we won’t let it happen.

If you start to score heavily against the spinners, especially in singles, then we’ll know there’s a real chance of a fix, until then, enough with the PR stunts.

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4 thoughts on “Nice try, Australia, but you still suck at playing spin

  1. Howe_zat says:

    I just feel sorry for whoever had to tell Ray Price about this.

  2. The line about laughing cats was the most idiotic of all…where the hell does Steve Bernard see them? youtube?

  3. BenSix says:

    Before somebody else jumps in, could I just say that I’ve already offered Kev O’Brien my hand in marriage? Hands off, mo’fos.

  4. BenSix says:

    That was as close as batting gets to pornography.

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