The Chuck Fleetwood-Smiths are just two pricks

When we were at the Ashes, we were two pricks at the Ashes.

We’re not at the Ashes anymore, and two pricks at a random location in London doesn’t work as well.

So we’ve renamed the show, we’re now the Chuck Fleetwood-Smiths.

Chuck was a drunk, star, Victorian, crazy man, wrist spin god and spent a good deal of his later life as a homeless bum. This makes him the perfect cricketer to name a tiny little internet show after.

In our minds we want to be Chuck bowling Bradman, in reality we’re closer to homeless bums, and we’re happy with both.

There is a website, facebook page and twitter account because we’re responsible social networkers.

Here is the first new show, it has boxes, a Tooting ice cream store, cricket chat and mundane touring photos.  It’s pure Chuck.

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4 thoughts on “The Chuck Fleetwood-Smiths are just two pricks

  1. Adrian says:

    Glad you’re back.

  2. 1992/93 was not just the best world cup ever, it had the best shirts as well. OUTSTANDING. Approve.

  3. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    The buskers are better in Oz. Welcome back.

  4. King Cricket says:

    Midway through watching that, I suddenly realised that I was really, really comfy. The settee’s at a bit of a funny angle, so maybe it’s that.

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