Tahir is legspin

I’ve been waiting since 2008 for my Imran Tahir love to be shared with the world.

The world has gone through a brutal legspin drought.  There’s Cremer, Smith, Rashid, Chawla, Mishra and Danish who all front up at times, but none of them are really taking the world by storm, or even by much more than drizzle.

As a man who fetishes legspin like nothing else, it’s been a lean era.

If it were not for the warm, fuzzy and then utterly violent Bryce McGain story and Imran Tahir I’d have left this world a few years back.

When I asked for world sides or who my favourite spinner was Tahir was who I picked.

It was more than the alice band, highlights, brilliant celebrating and journeyman status, Tahir can bowl.

And it isn’t some pseudo legspin straight breaks that you can only go out to through trying to hit them repeatedly out the ground, it’s proper out the back of the hand lepsin dark arts.

There’s wrong’uns, half trackers, flippers, full tosses and that awesome Pakistani legspin energy through the crease that makes them look like Cocained Disney characters.

What’s not to like?

That his first game for a world wide audience ended in four wickets doesn’t justify my love for him, I probably would have felt the same if he couldn’t land the ball and was only given three ropey overs

The man is a proper legspinner, and whether he lives or dies in this world cup, I’m just glad to see one around.

To me he feels like cricket.

Although, like most, I did gag when he kissed his badge, which is now the ultimate sporting auto-fellatio.

Tahir should stick to wrist action, it’s what he’s best at.

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14 thoughts on “Tahir is legspin

  1. Eddie says:

    Ah good old fashioned legspin, no better sight in cricket

  2. Govind Raj says:

    Would have loved to see him play for Pakistan though !

    Having Tahir and Sajid bowl in tandem… Wow, what a wonderful combo it could have been !

  3. Sach says:

    Govind, thank god he didn’t. Otherwise, two years from now we wouldn’t probably know where to find him.

  4. Bottom Edge says:

    Hey, don’t knock auto-fellatio. If you could, you would – and you know it, Jrod.

    I can’t.

  5. Deep Cower says:

    I bowl leg spin.

  6. ghurram says:

    Thought you’d have an article by now on our God’s new Pepsi Ad – the God Dances !

  7. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Your Cremerdiss did not go unnoticed. And Rashid’s time will come, and they will have to create the term “catspin” for his characteristic body language.

  8. Phillipa says:

    Salisbury was born in Peshawar. His favourite moon is “the moon”.

  9. Story of Tahir shows what a dumb ass we humans and our rules are. Trying our best to push down talent. If I am too make movie on Tahir, it would be like

    “Leg-spinners Without Borders”

    HIt movie.

    He needs to play in test squad now, because that’s where the money and glory is. (for him)

  10. @knowledge_eater, you’re not suggesting they drop Paul Harris for him are you?

    Surely we can’t have that!

    I’m not sure test cricket could cope with the loss of Harris.

  11. probyn says:

    @ Dean…

    isnt Paul Harris an arm ball bowler?

  12. golandaaz says:

    3 games 13 wickets to leg spinners. both pakistanis

  13. @ Dean I know Paul Harris is a Legend it will be big loss for SA.

    It will be very very very very very Tough Decision to drop Lord Harris.

    I have nothing against Paul Harris, it’s just that he blocked me on Twitter, when I compared his facial features with one of the Indian Actor. (Mahesh Manjrekar)

    And I don’t even mind both of them playing in same XI. Short format won’t do real justice to Leg Spinners especially. So, he must play Test so we can see what he has to offer.

  14. d field says:

    you used to post so frequently.. get back on the coke i say.

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