The ICC win even before the world cup

There’s no need to imagine, the truth is out there.

The ICC have released a PDF that hundreds or thousands of people have read the exact text that the ICC were asked to cover up by the police.

The black bars on the PDF do nothing in the words of Rainier Wolfcastle.

How many well known organisations in the world could release a easily hackable PDF of information that the police asked them to withhold from the public and days later still have no mainstream press cover the story?

Blogs have covered the story.

Facebook has covered the story.

And twitter has covered the story.

Soon I expect a youtube video with someone explaining exactly how to do it for the few people who want to know what appears behind the black line and haven’t seen it yet.

Personally, I don’t really care about reading the blacked out or not blacked out areas, plus I’m in the UK so legally I’m not supposed to.

What bothers me is the police and ICC haven’t said anything. Do the police even know that their case has been compromised?

Are the ICC going to release an apology, or even a press statement about this massive mistake? Have they changed the PDF to make it more secure?

Or are we all to close our eyes, put our fingers in our ears, and pretend it didn’t happen?


7 thoughts on “The ICC win even before the world cup

  1. No doubt nothing will be said until in the middle of the trial, when it will get kicked into touch and the charges dropped at massive expense to the UK tax payer.

    Jrod, I’m not sure how long you’ve lived here, but if it’s any length of time you will have no doubt by now seen on the news that sort of thing happening regularly in the past.

  2. J says:

    Is it just me who thinks jrod has some other passion than this blog these days?

  3. I’m told London has some fabulous swingers clubs.

  4. jrod says:

    J, nope, just finishing a book and waiting for the circus to start.

  5. yenjvoy says:

    are you going to the circus?

  6. J says:

    Sorry Jrod. I will be most happy to see you back in full flow ..Looking forward!!

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