You know the cricket world cup is here when you see a viral with Trent Johnston in it

It’s a little known fact that before Trent Johnston became Ireland’s Chris Cairns he used to hustle indoor cricket facilities with his bowl the ball onto a coin trick.

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10 thoughts on “You know the cricket world cup is here when you see a viral with Trent Johnston in it

  1. Dave Bird says:

    Something the likes of Sajid Mahmood, Mitchell Johnson, Steve Harmison and about 1000 other first class cricketers could learn from!

  2. Hitesh says:

    Nice….looks classy

  3. Trent was the club pro when I played at Leinster Cricket Club – he is straight out the best cricketer I’ve seen play close up in real life.

    Hitting him on the foot with my yorker in the nets is still my proudest cricketing moment.

  4. StephenR says:

    That was pretty underwhelming.

  5. James Watson says:

    Legendary! Very funny little video

    Come on the Irish Lads!!!

  6. Lolly says:

    Well, I think that’s really cute.

    Staple Mitchell Johnson to a chair, prop his eyeballs open with broken toothpicks and make him watch that on a loop till he’s screaming for his mum.

  7. nick says:

    jrod this is for you. look at ur GOD. looks pissed off haha

  8. StephenR says:

    Ha, jrod you’ve got me there. If that’s all they’ve got I suggest cutting cricket out of the video alltogether – get them on to ‘Will It Blend’ with a cricket bat or something.

  9. Sameera says:

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