Inside the Actor’s studio with Peter Siddle

If you want to see this play, the details are here.

If you want to see Peter Siddle recreate Dennis Hopper’s Sicily monologue from True Romance, print out the script and give it to him.

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3 thoughts on “Inside the Actor’s studio with Peter Siddle

  1. poopsie says:

    Siddle is such a cantaloupe

  2. BeggyG says:

    Actors studio. Pfffft.

    Why would someone who plays dressups for a living need a bloody studio? It’s not as if they have anything to do with what they wear. Maybe actors need studios to keep all the shiny but meaningless trinkets they give each other in their regular self-congratulatory orgies of smarm.

    Unless they ‘vant to be alone” with their mirrors. I get that.

    Bloody actors.

  3. Rohit says:

    Thank GOD! Ashes is over and JROD is back to doing what so good old stuff. Nice Post

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