Imagine if the ICC made a major error

We all know that in this perfect world the ICC never make an error.

Imagine that this isn’t a perfect world and that they did make errors.

Imagine that in this error riddled world the ICC had to release certain information via the internet.

Imagine that they might redact certain bits of this information for legal purposes.

Imagine that you could actually read behind these redactions if you knew how to work computers in a hot shot manner.

Imagine then how silly and stupid they would look if the information they were legally obliged to hide could be read.

Imagine the furore.

Not that any of this would happen.

The ICC is too smart for that.


14 thoughts on “Imagine if the ICC made a major error

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  2. Keith says:

    link please

  3. Abhishek Bommakanti says:

    Keith, since jrod is in the UK, it is possibly illegal for him to link up to the “hypothetical situation.” Go onto Cricinfo and the first headline will give you the link you need…

  4. anoop says:

    and apparently the clinching factor was their lack of remorse!:

  5. Sunny says:

    if you live in the UK and download the document, your computer will self destruct in 5 seconds. how’s that for security? ;)

  6. Phred says:

    I’m outside of the UK. I accessed the edited version no worries – it’s in a pdf.

    So how would one obtain the unedited, er, unredacted, version anyway??

  7. kny789 says:

    Now imagine you didn’t have to be a hot shot computer wizz and only needed to find out how such redactions had been uncovered in the past. Imagine the ICC had used methods that were slightly outdated and which had already been bypassed in previous cases.

    Or alternatively imagine if you could instead google a few words and rely on other bloggers who had already used the above methods.

    As Jrod has said… imagine the ICC wasn’t perfect.

  8. singhisking says:

    this was made by the Compton Cricket Club, LA. Yup the same Compton that Dr. Dre and NWA are from also has a cricket team! The lyrics are sick

  9. esmith001 says:

    Imagine if it took approximately five seconds using a standard open-source command line utility, available on all systems, to read the entirely raw and uncut version. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  10. RS Radio says:

    It will be interesting to see how substantial the Crown Prosecution Service’s investigation will be. I am particularly interested to see whether any of the Pakistani management team get dragged into this – there have to be individuals who, if not actively on the take, were at least complicit in it. . .

  11. Suprise says:

    All this double talk is fucking annoying, where’s the wikileaks link?

  12. Phred says:

    esmith001 – but how (hypothetically speaking)? What (hypothetical) command(s)? ;)

  13. Kalessin says:

    Compton Cricket Club? Seriously, try “Straight out of Surrey”…

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