#SaveAfridi: the renegade

He was a cricketer, and good at his job. But then he committed the ultimate sin and stood against other cricketers – gone bad. Cricketers who tried to kill him, but got the woman he loved instead. Framed for murder, now he prowls the badlands. An outlaw hunting outlaws, a bounty hunter – a RENEGADE!

I have no idea if Afridi has ever stood up against corrupt players, or if the woman he loved was killed by him, but he’s a renegade, mostly by accident.

He needs to be protected, supported and cherished as the mad man he is.

So when he needs us, we should step up.

It seems that Pakistan is the only cricket nation in the world cup that hasn’t decided on a captain yet.

With Ijaz Butt involved you sort of expect him to wait until the first game is over and then make a decision.

Apparently the players, sponsors and management want Afridi.

Mahzeer Majeed and the PCB wants anyone but Afridi.

So it’s a tough choice.

Do you trust the players who have to go out on the field with him, the management team who have to plan to win the world cup with him and the sponsors who should have no say but I’m using in my argument because they are probably smarter than Ijaz Butt.

Or do you trust the PCB, the KAOS of cricket administrations and the man who recently said to me, “and you have seen the whole footage have u? The complete unedited version to make your statement… no I thought not.”

Support Afridi, use your social media thingies, tell a friend, tattoo his name on BUtt’s head, but get it done, because even one man against the world, needs some friends.

Here are highlights of Afridi to remind you what a great he is.

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10 thoughts on “#SaveAfridi: the renegade

  1. Rishabh says:

    This ‘Renegade’ sounds an awful lot like ‘Machete’.

  2. Sunny says:

    are we sure the team wants afridi? does not seem as clear cut to me.

  3. Masuud says:

    For the record, he has raised his voice against the crooks he came across and their shenanigans (just recently, before leaving for Pakistan after retiring post-Aus test in July, he warned the team management of Majeeds patrolling in team hotels and room; fell on deaf ear). This maybe an emotional post since the decision may have already been taken and would be most probably announced by tomorrow (he being handed the WC bunch is a more possibility now).

    Save Afridi. Save wildlife.

  4. D Charlton says:

    At 0:53, why is he dousing himself in petrol? It really is Afridi, that’s the sort of thing he’d do…

  5. Forget Afridi..someone needs to save Pakistan cricket from ‘The Butt’…

  6. Majeed’s footy club has just appointed a chaplain…http://bit.ly/epmCkE. This is because they are bottom of their league and utter shite, but also means that a vote for Afridi is now a vote against Christ and a slight against Rob Pickering from Selhurst Evangelical Church. You should be ashamed of yourself. Heretical homongerer.

  7. natalie portman majeed says:

    Everyone should watch the renegade video followed by Afridi’s inning in the 3rd ODI against New Zealand and then the clip of Afridi biting the cricket ball. It all fits together!

  8. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    “I have no idea if Afridi has ever stood up against corrupt players”

    Obviously not. In fact, he even attacked Zulqarnain.
    Another evidence: his ‘batting style’ -Boom-Boom-Outfridi- is a widely accepted as his ‘natural game’ and thus serves as a highly credible cover up for any fishy activities.

    /conspiracy theory

  9. Wes, yes his playing style could be seen as a cover up for ‘fishy activities’, but what a playing style. Fastest Century. Highest Strike Rate. Any country would like to have such a player.

  10. sana says:

    wes, don’t be a blind hater. name one pakistani cricketer or journalist who stood up for zulqarnain. i love the guy to bits, but everyone from osman samiuddin to dileep premachandran described him as silly / a media whore.

    also, afridi was the one who reported to the pcb/icc some players in the asia cup last year in that match v sl in which he made that heroic century with cramps and zero support from anyone else.

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