James Sutherland is a supreme error

Naming a 17 man squad in a city centre to make a marketing deadline is ok.

Dropping one spinner for the exact same kind of spinner with less experience who is roughly the same age is ok.

Giving a coach with a sketchy, at best, record, is ok.

Publicly stating you have rested a player who publicly states he is dropped is ok.

Having your chairman of selectors say a player has local knowledge while showing he has no idea where he has come from is ok.

Letting a player who writes a largely ghost written twitter feed to apologise for his actions and not facing up to press conference is ok.

Keeping a selector who states he doesn’t watch overseas cricket on TV is fine.

Naming a spokesman for the selectors who is not the chairman is ok.

Letting your chairman of selectors slate the players while saying he did a good job is ok.

But going to a cricket function a few hours before you are due to play a boxing day test is a supreme error.

James Sutherland has never been my favourite guy, yet I’ve always assumed he has a few smarts up there. So when he has a go at players who made a mistake, when he and his team of moronic yes men are running around stepping on rakes, throwing cream pies at each other and making comedy noises, what a dick.

Nielsen has a 3 year deal, and the power to stop Hughes and Clarke from attending the event, and he didn’t make an error.

Cricket Australia has more hangers on in wanky blue tracksuits than Kim Jong Il, why didn’t any of these people demand that Clarke and Hughes miss that event?

It was the morning of boxing day, and it was just another error from Cricket Australia.

The same Cricket Australia that James Sutherland rules with a manicured thumb.

If Sutherland is a man of integrity, he should take the blame for Australia’s summer.

Sutherland has been in charge while crowds and interest went down in cricket. Even while Australia was by far the best side in world cricket. He was in charge while the team has been patched up by part time selectors who don’t watch enough cricket, and he was in charge of the worst home series on and off the field in over 20 years.

He is the error.

He is the person who should be accountable.

Not the one helping Hilditch sniping at the players.

Do Cricket Australia a favour, Mr Sutherland, step down after you’ve taken a few with you.

The Cricket Australia alternate reality is a nice place to live, but you can’t stay there forever.

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15 thoughts on “James Sutherland is a supreme error

  1. golandaaz says:

    JRod, you are kidding yourself if you think these problems are in any way responsible for Australia’s loss. Are you suggesting that if all the errors you point out (ok, fine and not ok) would have been avoided Australia would have won at Melbourne? I don’t think so

    The talent seems to have dried up and function or no function Australia were bound to start losing once the talent had retired.

  2. Phred says:

    Usually not a big fan of “heads will roll” reactions to sporting (or political) losses, but in this case, it is thoroughly deserved! Cricket Australia has had it’s many heads stuck up it’s many arses for a few years now, not to mention kow-towing to certain world “governing” bodies in cricket.

    Hilditch – fark off!
    Sutherland – fark off!
    Greg Chappell – (mostly) fark off!
    Merv Hughes – ”you was robbed”, but I’m kinda glad you farked off too!

    Time to coax Steve Waugh, Tubby, Glenn McGrath, Gilly & maybe even Horny Warney into serious roles at a rejuvenated CRICKET-focussed CA. You know, the type of proper administration we used to have in Australia, not a Club Med for defensive, irresponsible dickheads.

  3. knowledge_eater says:

    so he is the guy who hire people right? hmm

  4. Nick says:

    I hope cricket in AUS dont die like its dying in WI

  5. Eddy Jenner says:


    double like. in the pants.

  6. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    He could also be made accountable for the mutation called Ryobi Cup, I’ve read a nice piece at Clearcricket detailing how the new format hasn’t changed bugger all in terms of attendances… and we shall not forget that CA also thought up the coming changes in the Big Bash. Unfortunately Australian cricket is nothing but a big pile of debris at the moment, cheers

  7. Adrian says:

    Coruscating stuff, jrod.

  8. Chris Weston says:

    What a great piece. Sutherland’s snipe at Clarke and Hughes was monumentally ill-judged.

    Great work, Jrod.

  9. Dustbinner says:

    Jarrod, I do love it when you support Hauritz. Although, it does highlight just how shit the selectors are being that he is your only spin support option.

  10. Lolly says:

    Sutherland having a go at players for having PR committments is like the Sun complaining about NUTS.

  11. Ceci says:

    A most excellent arse kicking you’ve delivered there, Jarrod!

  12. mr hump says:

    Great piece and all true.
    CA is a sheltered workshop.

  13. Suprise says:

    I came here expecting to see at the very least a Shane Watson nude centrefold! Pah tooii (dummy spit). Not that I want to see his small dick but you should at least pay homage to his Queenslanderness after such a good innings.

  14. Deep Cower says:

    Gideon Haigh says pretty much the same thing on Cricinfo. But I like this article better.

  15. Sutherland’s continued presence should be welcomed on the grounds that there’s not enough utter cocks in cricket anymore…http://tinyurl.com/62z39xq

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