Two pricks at the Ashes: Sydney Day 5 – England win 3-1

The ashes are over, and all I made is this video.

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28 thoughts on “Two pricks at the Ashes: Sydney Day 5 – England win 3-1

  1. Bottom Edge says:

    Awesome work, lads – I will miss it.

    Highlights for me are the vox pops and the video shots from the stands and the press conferences.

    And Miller’s ridiculous noises.

  2. Rusty says:

    What he said ^

    I will miss these – lots of laughs and really informative …

    Highlights for me – Johnson’s press conference with the microphone, Cook the lizard and Jrod smashing the watermelon hat – among many …

  3. Hitesh says:

    It was very imaginative and entertaining thing to do…gotta hand it to you’ll two…hopefully, some network picks it up for a series…the mostly junk cricket show’s today need a savior…and you’ll can open up with kp’s hopefully unpatented pose..

  4. Rachel says:

    All the press conferences – Johnson, Cook, Trott, Finn “obviously”, Ponting going on and on and on to the crack of doom. (but where was Watto???) The way AUS fans got more and more wary of polite Sam trying to interview them. The variety of headgear especially the McGrath bandannas. Andrew Miller’s TMS theme tune talents. All the MSM journos trying to tell us what happened in 20 seconds and failing apart from John Etheridge Currant Bun. And Sam’s Usmania.

    But mainly jrod’s acid and Sam’s soothing waffle, the perfect double act.

    My only disappointment – that you couldn’t get footage of Mark Taylor FORGETTING to give Cook the Compton-Miller medal, and Michael Vaughan GETTING to give Strauss the Ashes glassware, instead of whichever Australian should have been ordered to do it like it or not … surely the final first in this series of ridiculous numbers of firsts.

    Have a good holiday guys, you urned it.

  5. Alex says:

    Amazing work thanks

  6. damithts says:

    Let me cap it off by saying, there really was no other way to catch up on the days play than watching two hilarious pricks at the Ashes.

  7. growltiger says:

    Six weeks of surrealism. Also some of the most pointed comment. Will miss it almost more than the Ashes. Hope you find another excuse…..

  8. Moses says:

    Loved the show, so much that it’s inspired me to do a rugby spinoff this super rugby season. Will have to discuss naming rights!

    This kept me sane through the ashes, and as Hitesh says hopefully a network will pick it up. It is by far superior to an Aussie goes Barmy, combining proper analysis with piss taking and well timed humour.

  9. Howe Zat says:

    A Jrodesque tribute.

    This fucking series was the shit from start to pissing finish.

    Such a fucken relief from the fucktons of piece of shit arsebollock you usually have to read online.

    The shit.

    The fucking shit.

    That is all.

  10. Sam Collins says:

    Thanks guys. Quick word on Jrod, who edited yesterdays in a massive rush to catch a plane to see his wife after two months on his birthday etc etc etc, and still killed it. The bloke’s a machine.

    I have so much red bull inside my body that I am not sure I can process emotion at the moment, but it’s great to read all your comments.

  11. Christopher says:

    Rachel – “you urned it” – I’m a sucker for a bad pun and you just made my day, cheers!

  12. Christopher says:

    Rachel – “you urned it” – I’m a sucker for a bad pun and you just made my day, cheers!

  13. Red Emperor says:

    Thank you lads. It’s been awesome following your reports during the summer.

  14. missjane says:

    Great work lads, provided light relief (and some insight) for an Australian fan at the end of each day’s play. Will miss you terribly. Followed the blog, TWC and youtube – impressive stuff, not sure when you slept! May have developed a mild crush on Sam, but not sure I could compete with Usman.

  15. Ari says:

    Fantastic series, fantastic pricks to guide us through. I only caught on halfway through Perth but my word it’s been a pleasure to watch this in the dead hours of the morning. Where Peter Roebuck and others have failed to point out what any reasonable follower of the game is thinking, you two have truly delivered. Thanks for the commitment put into making these. I’ll miss Mitchell Johnson’s press conferences.

    A quick question, though! That’s an absolutely fantastic song you’ve got playing during the “look back on two pricks” segment of the video. Any way we can get a hold of it?

  16. John says:

    My reverse malallys for the series:
    1. Hussey’s spirit and batting in the first three tests
    2. Anderson’s skill with the ball in Sydney
    3. Jrod popping his cheek in Sam’s face in Perth only to destroy his melon hat in Melbourne

  17. MartDawg says:

    Cheers JRod and Sam, two pricks was fantastic, what everybody else said really. Hope to see it again soon.

  18. Akshar says:

    Loved the shows guys, looking forward to a 2 pricks at the world cup!

  19. Shane Watson says:

    I do not have a big arse.

  20. Chris Weston says:

    I hereby petition that in future ‘Mulally’ is changed to ‘Mitchell’.

  21. Clare says:

    Thank you for making this series! I love the extra footage of stuff the networks don’t show, like Colly doing a triumphant bellyflop on the Adelaide Oval and Mitch battling the microphone. The blunt and irreverent commentary has been a blast, as well as footage of fans and other journalists.

    Would love to see or read an Ashes post-mortem post/episode from Jrod about the future for Australia. It’s clear that the wins away in South Africa 2009 were a false dawn – MJ simply hasn’t been able to reach the same dizzy heights on a consistent basis, and it’s time the selectors and commentators stop placing so much responsibility on his shoulders. He’s not enigmatic, he’s just too erratic – even on home soil.

    As for the batsmen…I’ve never seen such a depressing performance. I don’t believe they are rubbish, but the English bowlers sure made them look abysmal.

    But having said that, congratulations to the English on an emphatic Ashes win. It was well-deserved and a long time coming.

  22. NickC says:

    A fantastic blog and brilliant ashes coverage

    from a converted rugby union fan

  23. Wes ~PFCNFS~ says:

    Not the first comment from me on a Pricks video but as written elsewhere it would be absolutely lovely if you could continue in some way, but please without the disturbing Miller.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the show and watched every episode as soon as it arrived in my inbox. Thanks for the effort, cheers!

  24. Phil J says:

    Perhaps if it was my infernal computer letting me down, but when my video ended in a series of blue lines across the screen I thought, “what a fantastically Monty Python way of ending the series”.

    I’m going to miss it as much as the Ashes cricket and desk napping.

  25. SR says:


  26. at and t says:

    Is Jrod dead ?

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