two pricks at the ashes: sydney day 4

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6 thoughts on “two pricks at the ashes: sydney day 4

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  2. Rachel says:

    Jrod will you be writing a book on this series? “When Australia Got Crucified” — .with your dead-eye descriptions and some nasty illustrations of all the dumb things Watto did in the series (and Hughes, Clarke, Johnson, Hilfy, Ponting) … It could be the much-needed coaching manual for the next generation — a 21st century “Art of Cricket” by D. Bradman.

    Thanks a million to you and Sam for the best coverage of the series.

  3. John says:

    I have changed my choice of cricket coverage from to That says it all…well, it says something.

  4. Christopher says:

    Jrod are you getting more hits than usual through this series?

  5. Rachel – “When Australia Got Crucified” lol

    I suppose we have got to enjoy it while it lasts, as I think there could be quite a few paperback versions of the previous 24 years in OZ though.

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